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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Popped a tube Ran out of tubes for the commuter so put in an old 26" tube. Pumped it up and popped the tube. Ears where still ringing 15 min later. Don't work on the bike when you should be sleeping. Edit Or post, wrong thread should be the fwit.
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    Buying used advice

    Looks good to me, can't see a thing. What are we looking at? Ask your self would you be happy with it? Your the one buying it.
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    New rules for cyclists in NSW - Safe passing distances, but massive fines as well....

    Sound emitting device Here in WA the law states you must have a sound emitting device attached to the bike. Now I can yell loud enough that a stupid driver that almost ran me over can hear me. And as my slow fall with the bike because I couldn't unclip the other day can attest, I am firmly...
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    eBikes - what's the current perspective

    Do you realy think the people who would want to race? That would be like only riding down hills and never up so you don't have to pedal. Oh.
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    My $26 bike carrier

    2 thumbs up That looks good, well done :thumb::thumb:
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    recommendations on a $4k budget XC race mtb?

    Hmm, stupid n+1 rule. Will be interested in what the OP does. I was looking at a 2015 giant xtr advanced 29er 1 this morning full XT with giant carbon wheel set marked down to $2.4k My thoughts were it being a second bike just to do XC races on to keep it simple. Single suspension to look...
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    Are one way tracks legally enforceable?

    Enforced by pain. Ride over the top of them? I would say there is no legal avenue. It is all about respect for your fellow mtber.
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    Any DH tracks around Perth?

    I don't ride DH but check out Perth Mtb club. Or try posting to the kalamunda mtb collective
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    Mountain bike tourism success story

    That and when they say it is going to rain it does for a week non stop. My memories of winter in Launceston is every thing is damp. The sun is out for a day and the grass is still wet. But then again it just trapped everything in the tamar valley. North East is dryer. Never remember wind...
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    Light mount to fit GoPro attachment

    3D printer If you have access to a 3D printer you can do what I did and print your own. As I had a strap on the helmet already for the gopro I just printed a foot with a half cylinder on top. Not the lowest profile but it was fun to create something.
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    How do you shift?

    Can't say for xtr but XT double both ways, or is it triple?
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    How do you shift?

    Mainly thumbs, but every now and the I pull the trigger. On the roadie I find it is easier to shift with the hands on the hoods.
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    Not tripping traffic lights

    I like this, and so easy to add in.
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    Not tripping traffic lights

    I have tried stopping with the wheel over the sensor channel. But you may be right and I have to keep crossing the electromagnetic field. That would change current.
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    Not tripping traffic lights

    So what does everyone do when commuting to work and you hit traffic lights that don't change? I usually just end up running the red. Even better there is one set of lights that I know so well that I just turn on the red arrow.
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    Panniers for a Dually giant In the XC/Enduro forum, one of my goto threads.
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    Panniers for a Dually giant

    I used a freeload pannier. I think they have been bought out by Thule?
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    Winter is back. What rain coats are people wearing

    Ride wet I got a rear mudguard for the bag as I found it was getting wet from road spray. They never cover the bottom to stop water, the top is fine it runs off. Other than that I ride to get wet and have a change ready for the end of the ride, be it on the trails or on the commute. Showers...
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    eBikes - what's the current perspective

    Hmm, you have me thinking that an ebike may be perfect for my dad. I will have to have a talk to him about it. Living in a remote property a dual suspension ebike may be the answer for him to get around and give the dogs a run while he no longer can. But then he does just like going for a walk...
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    Home break in!

    There is only limited things you can do with a rental. I do the bare minimum to the front yard. Patchy grass, in-frequent mowing. Out the back it looks totally different. But at the end of the day I don't care about property as long as my kids and I are safe. Yes it may be a pain to replace my...