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  1. BM Epic

    Mt York Trail Conditions

    Coxes is soo much fun, as is all of mt york!
  2. BM Epic

    Council Meeting Outcomes: Bare Creek Bike Park (Northern Beaches)

    Plough ahead at all costs, there will be people putting red tape in front of you, we did it with knapsack, it took ages and persistance, we had to play a political game to thwart the green opponents, but it turned out ok in the end. Your situation sounds great!
  3. BM Epic

    Chiner 29'er Commute/MTB

    Looking good there Gab, how is everything mate?
  4. BM Epic

    For me Dad. Canfield Nimble 9. Steel is Real ;-)

    Of course you wouldnt take him anywhere hard would you Rod?..hehehe.
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    tell me about your (power ) bulge

    Im with Ivan, i have 36's, stiffer than anything ive ever owned.
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    Trails in the Rain

    I think common sense should prevail, if it looks like running a river, stay off, if its holding water well then it shouldnt be too much of a problem, the trail i have built handles water really well, not sure about torrentail though, i prefer to stay away. I have seen guys riding in terrible...
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    Canfield Nimble 9 build. Need your opinion.

    Blue with black Rod, but the Bos would be awesome as well!
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    Fox or Marzocchi

    Im running chris king 20mm hubs up front with fox 36's with kashima etc, it really is a great combo, i have serviced them once and they run like a dream, they have copped a pounding and always come back for more, i have never ridden marzocchi so i cant give you a comparison there, although i...
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    Finding MTB trails and fire trails affected by bushfires (NSW)

    i live at winmalee and went out to check what damage was done to our trails, fortunately one of them was backburnt about 9 months ago, so it survived, but one of the trails that i regenerated is bloody awful, in fact it is the width of a bulldozer and is burnt to sticks, we can possibly...
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    What hub is this?

    Or is it Werner?
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    NSW Bushfires 17/10

    Hi guys, thanks for the concern, we just got power back on yesterday, it has been a hell four days, 4 houses next to us levelled to the ground, five seriuosly damaged, we just got out of it, dont ask how, we have had sticky beaks deluxe, and 2 cases of looting, one in broad daylight, the other a...
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA.

    I gotta laugh at that, i went into the city of sydney on friday to attend a creditors meeting, boy did i feel out of place wearing nice casual clothes, would have felt much better in Hi Viz, as it was i felt very much in a minority group!
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA.

    Thanks so much for that harmonix, it is food for thought, the seals looking for the easy feed, i suppose we would if faced with the same choice??
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA.

    Im still interested to find out the original question of why all of a sudden these great white attacks are occurring, im not going to start arguments about little details etc, but the original question was why these attacks all of a sudden started?
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    Post your all mountain bike

    I have it on 2012 36's with the fit cartridge, they are awesome forks, plenty of adjustment to get the small bumps evened out, plus through the mid range and fully compressed they work a charm. I have rebuilt them myself and did the oil and service etc, which freed them up even better, im a...
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    Thinking of buying some acreage next year for my own trails. Thoughts?

    I agree with Craig regarding people hurting themeselves, you will have to be prepared for people riding it always, even when you dont want them to, garmin and strava will take care of that, no such thing as secret anymore, i know from experience here at the blue mountains, there is a private...
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    Death of a Hero

    Wasnt it General Giap, great soldier, the white volcano??...i have read lots about him, he was the americans nemesis!
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    HELP! Full length housing issue- front derailleur 2005 stumpy FSR

    Oh my god, Andy and his drill, thank christ you are not a dentist??
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    2011 Specialized Enduro Comp headset?

    Dozer is correct, 1 1/8 x 1.5, it is campy style which means it sits inside your headset tubing( i think), i have the 11 stumpy evo which uses the same headset arrangement, you can get everything from chris king to fsa etc for your bike!
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    UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 2013: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

    Ahh thats what he was referring to, when i wastched it for the 2nd time this arvo i thought i heard him say something about 2 crashes in practice?