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  1. Hopper

    Hottest 100 2009/10 - who'd you vote for?

    I haven't heard of half of these bands. I should probably listen to some new stuff instead of my mixes of music from years ago. I always like most of the songs in the hottest 100, unfortuantely I won;t be able to liste nto it this year, ytou don't get much reception 1.5 km underground. Also the...
  2. Hopper

    The Annual List Ya Loot Thread...

    Got the James Bond box set. So awsome but forgot hoe cheesy the original ones were (and loves it). Also got a history of F1 book and some cash.
  3. Hopper

    Would you pay over a grand for a rear derailleur

    I weigh about 74 kg, where do I go? I'm guessing about the middle of the line?
  4. Hopper

    V8 Superfarce Sydney 500 - Olympic Park

    I'm really annoyed that I am too young to have been able to watch the old ATCC. The videos I've seen of it looked amazing. I've been watching some of the BTCC on 1HD and loving it. So good to see different cars with different driving characteristics going at it. Even the BTCC was apparently way...
  5. Hopper

    V8 Superfarce Sydney 500 - Olympic Park

    Clipsal 500 makes money. You get used to the construction and deconstruction of the race venue on street tracks. Once it's been done a couple of times they get really good at it. In Adelaide now, roads are only closed affected 4 days before the event and 3 days after. Some of the roads are cut...
  6. Hopper

    wa^kers in Burgundy Audi Convertible

    My dad moved from a Golf R32 to an Audi S3 the week before that episode aired. I gave him so much shit for that.
  7. Hopper

    1 Million FPS Slow Motion Video of Bullet Impacts.

    That is insane! How the hell are they hitting a moving bullet with pellets(?) at around the 2:10 mark?
  8. Hopper

    MTBing - The Past Decade (2000 to 2009): A Time Capsule

    Love it:D I think that one of the major trends of the noughties was that riding became more affordable. I also found parts have become more durable. That said I am still rocking my DH bike from 2003, all of it is original spec except the tyres, rear rim and rear brake lever (this is actually an...
  9. Hopper

    Work experience

    I've done 10 weeks in mineral exploration in Northern SA. I am also going to Tasmania in 2 weeks for a four week vacation position at the Rosebery Lead-Zinc mine. Anyone know what the riding is like around that area? I'm building my DJ bike up with parts to make it more all mountian like to...
  10. Hopper

    The Demise of 'The Simpsons'.

    Homer ~ "Tramampoline" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Homer ~ "Every time I learn something new it pushes something old out of my brain. Remember when I took that home wine making course and I forgot how to drive?" Marge ~ "That's because you were...
  11. Hopper

    Asylum Seekers - What should Australia do?

    I don't know how true this is but (any sentance starting with this is always gonna be awsome) I heard that the smugglers can charge ridiculous amounts of money to smuggle you into a country, I'm talking thousands of dollars. If this is ture is there another, more legal way, that assylum seekers...
  12. Hopper


    Nah what you want is Yellow Stone to go off again... But that would absolutely stuff the world up. I loved reading somewhere that the increase in earthquakes that we have seen lately (hasn't actually gone up that much, just most happen in places that don't effect people) was due to global...
  13. Hopper

    Holiday vs DH racing!!

    One day you will miss getting free holidays with your parents mate.
  14. Hopper

    The last movie you've last watched last

    Orgazmo 9/10 Nothing like watching an old lady telling two mormons to "Fuck right off" That and black stunt cocks...
  15. Hopper

    Rosebery Riding

    Hey, I'm from Adelaide but am getting a job over the summer working at the mine in Rosebery. Talking to the site manager he said there is good hiking, fishing and mtb in the area. On my days off I'm am wanting to ride and want to know what sort of riding I would be looking at in that area. I...
  16. Hopper

    ...Quotes from the World cup...

    That Canadian rider stuck behind the Russian in the XC got quite angry. Canadian - "You are the shittest riderI have ever seen" Russian - "Fuck you" Also when the USA riders were taking the B line in the XC the crowd started laying into them with, "USB! USB! USB!" Commentary at the 4X and the...
  17. Hopper

    ACT Canberra Worlds Afterparty

    That's Kovarik in the background. The one with the shirt on is me. The female copper told me to skull the drink because we had to leave. The male copper was about to stop me but the chick said to go for it. I like the Canberra casino, I actually made money there!
  18. Hopper

    Wierdest Suspension frame setup

    To me this seems strange. The frame is built to be inherently flexy, the energy that gets stored in the frame is transfered to a cable, to a shock and then somehow back into the drivetrain. Now lets look at a well designed hardtail, it is designed to not be flexy, so more of the energy goes...
  19. Hopper

    Superheroes Day

    Always remember: don't be silly, cover your willy Go Condoman!
  20. Hopper

    Mechanical Craziness!! Cold war preferred, anything nuts also gratefully accepted!

    What do you do for a living? One thing I have wondered with Longwall setups is how do the shields and face conveyor move themselves?