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    Seek for Help for future Job/Career

    Hey guys bit of a grave dig here but anyway, year 12 trials are two weeks away and I'm probably going to head down the Industrial Design kinda path. Mechanical engineering is getting less and less interesting to me and I personally don't think my marks or commitment is there anyway. For my...
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    2016 Nukeproof Pulse

    first thing i noticed was how much slimmer that top tube is! looks mint
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    Prototype Kona

    It's been mentioned on pinkbike that it may just be a geometry mule. some food for thought
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    YT bikes now to Oz!

    Well under $5000 for the top spec Dh bike Yes please!
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    Glenrock All Mountain / Downhill

    I'll be there with a few others who'd be very keen to help out
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    2015 Team Rumours/Changes

    Hart to Mondraker Blenki to Norco Mullaly to Intense Needles to Scott
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    Octane One Void 3.0 Custom build.

    Those wheels are bombproof, have one on the rear of my dj
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    PMB World Cup Round 1 Bikes

    I've been wondering for a while now, when will we ever see a carbon glory? Having most of Giant's other bikes in carbon you'd think it would have continued onto the glory by now
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    2014 Cairns World Cup Track Video

    i have no idea how redbull will have enough room to get their camera's in there
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    Lift for Stromlo

    who votes for a chairlift at stromlo!
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    Glenrock damage

    it smells so much in glenrock still after a week
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    Glenrock damage

    Riding the tracks that have always been there wont be damaging anything.
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    Glenrock damage

    So today I headed up to glenrock for the second time to check out the damage, this time to look at the old DH tracks. Woah! first cruisy run down i wasnt even sure if i was on the track or not because it all looks the same now! For anyone not knowing what this is about, there was a bush fire...
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    New Bars

    Im really keen on getting them though, has anyone had any bad moments with a carbon bar for DH?
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    New Bars

    So Im looking at getting new bars, after watching this video about a million times im really thinking of getting the diety bars in either black/white or black/red. Im a bit worried about the carbon breaking...
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    Come live in adamstown, its only a 5 minute drive to anywhere. e.g beach and shops. It only takes me 5 mins to ride to glenrock on my dh bike going via the fernleigh track edit: Its a few minute drive from merewether and a whole lot cheaper to live in adamstown
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    whatever limb that was bitten, dont move it and put a pressure bandage on the wound. The venom moves through your muscle stream or something like that. The more you move the move the muscle, the faster the venom moves. So like the other guy said, stay where you are.
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    Oakley Airbrake

    I really want some but the price is just too much for me considering its just a goggle. They do look good though, I assume they would be good
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    The Mountain of Sugary Loafs

    Im pretty sure there is a massive xc climb to the top but thats all I know of.
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    Buying first downhill bike, need some advice.

    I swear every second day a new one of these threads pop up