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  1. JEBBS

    Sold SOLD 26 tubeless, 20mm F, 135QR rear

    Item full name and model etc. SOLD 26in mix Location Lower northern beaches Item condition description (Front 20mm 32spoke, Single track rim, Maxxis Minion DH tyre lots of tread lect - Rear QR135, 32 hole, Mavic 321 32H with Maxxis Larsen tyre with good tread Reason for selling (Better to...
  2. JEBBS

    NSW 142 X 12, Found, Moorey you are a legend!

    Item full name and model etc. rear hub Location Lower Northern beaches Item condition description ( rear hub 142 X 12, 32H and shimano driver. do not mind marks or missing paint. its for a MTB so it will never be really clean for very long). Rim size is 27.5 incase complete rear wheel is...
  3. JEBBS

    NSW Found, narrow wide 32T 104BCD ring

    Thanks for looking Item full name and model etc. Snaggletooth or similiar, 32T 104BCD Location: Northern beaches Sydney Item condition description : Narrow wide ride for XT cranks 32T 104BCD Reason for selling : err..... buying cause the 36T is a b...h uphills runnign 11-36 Price and price...
  4. JEBBS

    NSW Chain guide

    Hello I am looking for a chain guide for Duallie- 1 X 10 Item full name and model etc.- Chain guide Location; lower northern beaches Sydney Item condition description ; used preferably as i intend to get it dirty straight away, I run 36T up front (Single ring) Reason for...
  5. JEBBS

    recommended Bike Fit Sydney (MTB Specific)

    Hi can someone recommend a good Bike fit place for MTB, I know Steve Hogg is great for roadie(based in ACT) Any help would be greatly appreciated Happy trails
  6. JEBBS

    NSW SOLD Rock Shox Revelation 140 out to 150mm 650B

    Moved to correct section :) Item: Rock Shox Revelation 140mm 650B taken out to 150mm Location: Lower northern beaches Sydney Item Condition: Good, used Reason for selling: Longer travel Price and price conditions: SOLD, now sold, 1.5 years old Extra Info: a/ taken from 140mm to 150mm...
  7. JEBBS

    NSW FOUND Number plate board with lights for Bike rack

    Item full name and model etc. Jet black, Thule, Rhino.......? Location Near Brookvale NSW Item condition description; Number plate/light plate for back of bike rack to help drivers see what I am doing Reason for buying: well its the law not to cover over brake/indicator lamps :)...
  8. JEBBS

    Formula rear Hub bearing dimensions for 142X12

    Have a Formula hub rear 142X12 with sealed bearings both sides Anyone know the dimensions of these?
  9. JEBBS

    NSW Sold

    Revelations, post moved into Long travel :0 Sorry
  10. JEBBS

    Wrong area :) please delete SOLD

    I am a doofuss, posted in wrong area :)) Need to have 10 words :)
  11. JEBBS

    NSW SOLD Giant trance X1 duallie 26'

    Thanks for looking Item: 2009 Giant Trance X1 Large 26' Location: Lower northern beaches Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: gone 27.5 Price and price conditions: Sold Extra Info: Dent in right rear triangle (has been there for the last three years and no effect on riding)...
  12. JEBBS

    SOLD NSW previous model XT brakes (F and R)

    Item: previous to current version XT brakes Location: Lower northern beaches Item Condition: Used but in good cond Reason for selling: extra to my needs Price and price conditions: Sold Extra Info: from Giant trance Large 26", Pads in both nearly new and will throw in extra near new set...
  13. JEBBS

    NSW Sold

    Thanks for looking Item: 2012 Giant Trance X2 with fully refurbished rear shox Location: Northern Beaches Syd Item Condition: Used, see images of scratches and dents Reason for selling: not used Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Rock shox RT3 rear shock worth more than frame...
  14. JEBBS

    NSW Sold

    Item: RockShox Monarck RT3 rear shox Location: Lower northern beaches Sydney Item Condition: Good condition (Professionally rebuilt at NSD about one year ago and not much riding after new bike was purchased 8 months ago) Reason for selling: Giant Trance X1 frame was knackered (pivots need...
  15. JEBBS

    Chain dropping off front ring, rear X9 derailluer issue or ?????

    need some help, Gone 1 X 10, awesome. Chain now drops off the front single ring (wolf ring), chain line is good both from ends of the cluster. Normal riding on average technical stuff is fine, any faster decents where teeth start to rattle the chain drops sooner rather later Looked on web...
  16. JEBBS

    SOLD Bought Hardtail frame with Tapered head tube

    Looking for a 26 or 650b hard tail frame Going to be a SS build, however need a tapered style head tube as old forks came from a Giant frame. Size M or L. (5'11 in height) Condition, don't mind Colour, it will be dirty as its a mountain bike so don't mind Prefer local pickup where...
  17. JEBBS

    Tool for barb insertion for Shimao hydraulic brakes

    Hi I have seen only one tool in a bike shop for the correct insertion of the hose barb into Deore/XT and XTR hydraulic lines. Does anyone know where i can get one of these, hammer is not always the best option :) Thanks for looking!
  18. JEBBS

    SOLD Bought NSW, Pygmy lights from HID Technologies

    Hi, Looking for an older series LED light, details below Item: Pygmy lights (3 or 4LED) from HID technologies (was a great Aussie made product) Location: Sydney near Brookvale Price: Negotiable Extra, dont mind if working or not Thanks for looking! :)
  19. JEBBS

    NSW SOLD - Bought!

    Looking for a rear shock for my 2011 Trance, current RP2 is stuffed and rides like a spring Item: rear shock for Trance 2011 Location: brookvale - Sydney Metro Price range/Willing to Pay: Market rate depending on condition Extra Info:184mm Eye to Eye and 44mm stroke Thanks for looking
  20. JEBBS

    Longer shock on Giant Trance, what happens

    Replacing existing RP2 (180mm) with a longer length shock (190mm) Ok, Seat tube angle becomes steeper, which makes Head tube angle steeper. This also raises the bottom bracket height Bike, 2011 Trance with Talas 110-130-150 front forks 26' wheel Who has done this and what was the...