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  1. Escapegoat

    SA 2013 Scott Genius 740 medium- SOLD

    Item: Scott Genius 740 Medium SOLD Location: Adelaide Item Condition: good- 9 months old Reason for selling: 2014 model arrived Price and price conditions: $2600 ONO as below Extra Info: OK, it’s time to sell my 2013 genius. This is a totally awesome bike, I have had this for about 9...
  2. Escapegoat

    2013 Scott genius 740 (people's thoughts)

    I have had the 740 for the last 5 months, and love it. I have taken it to NZ and just got back from a month riding in Europe and the French Alps. It was bloody superb to ride. Amazing on the descents and really not too bad on the ups. I actually think the 740 with a basic shock is better than...
  3. Escapegoat

    Adelaide Trip

    As previously mentioned Fox, Craigburn and Mitcham (Belair) would be good to explore. For more info about these areas you can check out which has maps and info about all these places. I will also be around in August, having just gotten back from the Alps, so...
  4. Escapegoat

    Any recommendations for a solid all mountain bike

    I'd back up the previous suggestion of testing a scott genius 740- I have just come from an Avanti Torrent too, and the Scott is really great- much much faster up the hills, and much better on the rough stuff- I can't tell you if it is the (slightly) bigger wheels or the extra 10mm suspension...
  5. Escapegoat

    Post your all mountain bike

    Yeap, that is my point, the genius 740 has a different shock to the Spark 900 RC and all the other genius', which feels way better in my opinion- I also have a Spark 640, which has the same nude2 shock- I much prefer the feel of the DT M3 shock on the genius, it's just a nice plush shock, and...
  6. Escapegoat

    Post your all mountain bike

    Been riding this for the last month or so, Scott Genius 740. Pretty impressed with it so far, loved it over in Rotorua the other week. The 650b wheels are a very subtle difference, but I really love the feel of the bike. Only upgrade currently is tubeless set-up and pulling the original...
  7. Escapegoat

    Ride the Alps this July?

    Just a quick post to let people know we still have a few spots left on our trip to the French Alps this year. It's always an amazing trip! 6-20 July 2013, Samoens, Les Gets and Morzine. Highlights! Ride some of the best trails in the Alps Relax in one of the most beautiful corners of...
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    Exciting News! Cable Car for Mount Lofty, Adelaide!

    Exciting news! A press release has just been released giving details of a new proposed cable car uplift for Mount Lofty! The Department of Environment, Recreation, Trails and Infrastructure (DERTI) today released details of a new project for the Adelaide Hills, targeted at all recreational...
  9. Escapegoat

    Mtb guiding/instructor courses

    oh dear, who dug up this can of worms! Yeap, in the 2 years since this thread originally started, nothing really has changed, has it! We still have the crazy situation that anyone can set themselves up as a self-professed skills coach, start teaching, and potentially even create their own...
  10. Escapegoat

    Mitsubishi Delica

    That's the same motor that is in the manga, pajero, challenger and others..... are you saying all these vehicles are prone to frighteningly costly failure?
  11. Escapegoat

    Mitsubishi Delica

    Another big vote for the Delica here- I've had one for nearly 3 years. Mine is a 2001 petrol S2 Chamonix SWB, I would have loved a diesel 8 seater LWB, but was impossible to find! It is thirsty, but it is a work vehicle too! I use mine for everything- but mainly as a tour vehicle to move 7...
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    When I was looking at this stuff and working in Europe, the Scottish Mtb Leaders qualifications were considered generally best practise, and what I got. Of course the French authorities generally don't accept other countries qualifications, but that is another story...
  13. Escapegoat

    reign vs torrent

    I have been told by the reps the 2012 bikes won't be in Australia until January. My Torrent 2 was stolen 2 weeks ago which really sucked. However my insurance will cover it, and so my new Torrent 3 turned up today. Amazing how it has cost me just a few hundred more than I originally paid for the...
  14. Escapegoat

    That time of year... the snakes are out!!

    Here is one for you- I filmed this last week up at Melrose- didn't really see what happened, or worry too much about it until I slowed down the film, and realised how lucky Sonia was!
  15. Escapegoat

    reign vs torrent

    Well, I am a big fan of the torrent- I have had a torrent 2 for 6 months and it is an awesome bike. I had an early reign, and it was nowhere near as nice to ride, but of course the reigns have changed quite a bit. However I do think that Avanti have really got the suspension sorted and I prefer...
  16. Escapegoat

    Deciding on new bike Torrent or FRX

    well... I have had a torrent 2 for the last 7 months and love(d) it. I took it to the Alps for a European trip, and it was superb, reasonably light, a good climber, and superb on the downs. I also have used it loads here in Adelaide, for XC riding, and in a 24hr race. It is good for most...
  17. Escapegoat

    STOLEN Blue 2011 AVANTI TORRENT 2- medium

    SOUTH AUSTRALIA! OK, here's the deal- I was just running in to Bunnings to grab some gear for a Flinders trip we are off on next week, 10mins tops, and some bastards whipped the bike off the rack in full daylight in a busy car park at 2:30pm on a Saturday at Bunnings, Mile End- The bike was...
  18. Escapegoat

    Post your all mountain bike

    My Avanti Torrent 2 in the Alps (mont Blanc in the clouds in the Background)- this was taken at 2450m, and we had a 20km run down from here all the way back to our village at 700m. We have just got back from our annual trip- this is the 5th summer I have ridden over there, the fourth bike, and...
  19. Escapegoat

    SA KONA Mawson Marathon Cancelled

    Unfortunately currently I do not have enough interest to warrant me running my proposed 'Not the Mawson Marathon' supported trip. Unless I get another 3 or so riders it's not worth me doing it. So if anyone is keen, get in contact quick. Also, if anyone out there is heading off to do it on...
  20. Escapegoat

    Can't stop the 'progress'- Riding in the Adelaide hills

    I can't take any credit for this at all, but a few of my friends put this together, and I think it is worth a view.... Adelaide is an amazing spot to ride, with great trails in the hills just out of the city. Yet most of them we are not supposed to ride- and why...