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  1. tkdbboy

    VIC 26 x 2.35 or above width tires.

    I got these you can have for $75 all up if you want. 3x DHF 80%+ 1x HR2 DH New 1x DHR2 exo 75% + puncture I'm in eastern suburbs melbourne Can send more high res ones from phone
  2. tkdbboy

    Bargain buys thread

    I don't have my knowledge down pat with all the POE tech but from the Q&A there is : "They list in the spec that the hub has 6 pawls, and 42 engagement points, which is correct for your hubs. The pawls engage in sets of three. Two sets of three. That means double time engagement on 42 tooth...
  3. tkdbboy

    Bargain buys thread

    Yeah definitely ... personal preference would be the SG MM for this wheelset to use on shuttle days to bash. Apparently decently strong wheelset
  4. tkdbboy

    Bargain buys thread

    Copper color Nukeproof horizon wheelsets down to 280 delivered + 2x free Hans Dampf SS tyres (MM if you get the DH sizing)
  5. tkdbboy

    Hibike, Starbike, no more Sram to Australia!

    Very tempted to give the sunrace rear mech and shifter a go in the future. Had the 11-46 cassette paired to xt on the old bike and had zero issues
  6. tkdbboy

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Haha a mate has also been a victim of that tree @slowmick it really brings out the 'oh shit' in the moment @Chriso_29er yeah pretty hidden! That dude was taking photos (#insta?) ... hard to see in the video but he was poking out over half the space on the trail so had to slow down and go...
  7. tkdbboy

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    You should've seen the tree ........... Not a mark o_O
  8. tkdbboy

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Decided to try my luck with a tree at Red Hill on the weekend ... heard they were a bit softer than the ones at Bright
  9. tkdbboy

    Bargain buys thread

    Potential project bike for someone in Melb
  10. tkdbboy

    SRAM's Wireless Eagle and Dropper

    Not for me. Don't want Skynet taking control of my dropper
  11. tkdbboy

    Needle in the eye (needle bearing shock eyelet bushings)

    Bit of a tangent but I went from regular metal bushes to polymer DU bushes. Compared to the metal ones, they have way less friction , much easier to work with when changing hardware, doesn't mark your hardware and apparently lasts longer (haven't had mine long enough to confirm). Pretty good...
  12. tkdbboy

    hope tech3 lever throw-bleeding

    Bit of a revive ... What are you guys using to lube your pistons after you clean them? Dot 5.1 or silicone grease (as per Hope video) Have you used both and noticed a difference of one over the other?
  13. tkdbboy

    Product Review Huck Norris anti flat tubeless protection

    haha apparently it isn't an issue ... "Rimpact inserts are made of a closed cell foam that does not absorb and hold liquid. It is also inert meaning it won't react with any substances typically found within sealant solutions. " No reviews currently to confirm this
  14. tkdbboy

    Product Review Huck Norris anti flat tubeless protection

    90 bucks for a pair delivered to Aus. Comes with cushcore replica valves
  15. tkdbboy

    Bargain buys thread

    Nukeproof Horizon Wheelset $425 with $20 off new user code. 27.5 non boost, boost, DH 29 non boost, boost Shimano driver option only From my understanding its WTB i29 rims on Novatec hubs (42 POE)
  16. tkdbboy

    Shimano geoblock for USA and Canada

    Mate fkd his derailleur good on the weekend. Hanger folded like paper 2x LBS quoted 170 and 180 for an XT rear derailleur (lets calls it 150 ex tax for fair comparison) Germans have it for 88 Uwot!?
  17. tkdbboy

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Falls and Bright this past weekend. Only headbutted a tree this time.... low speed thankfully
  18. tkdbboy

    Which elbow and knee pads ?

    Buy a handful of pairs of pads from CRC / MTBD . Try them all on. Send back the ones you don't want for $10ish flat return fee Dainese trail skins 2 for knees and IXS carvo evo + for elbows
  19. tkdbboy

    Protecting crank arms for shuttle runs

    Doing Falls for the first time this weekend and heard they use crank mount shuttles. I think this should be keep my carbon cranks safe? They mount non driveside right? haha
  20. tkdbboy

    DH I haven't named it yet

    Holy sh%t, thats awesome! Just get ahead of the geo trend and make it 58 HA, 700 reach and 1500 wheelbase. Oh and 900 bars. Any footage from Bright?