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  1. J

    The funniest gumtree/ebay or whatever add post

    How can you go wrong with 70 lbs of thurst? Its not rocket surgery...
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    Little Things You Love

  3. J

    Totally Over Magpies

    No way, not round here at least.. Plovers are brutal
  4. J

    Can a trek 29er be used as downhill bike for someone just starting in the sport?

    Apparently Darren Berrecloth cops shit for riding his AM 29er, the new AMB mag has him doing tables on a massive dirt quarter on one :twitch:. Not bad, if a little out of proportion.
  5. J

    Jeans and cyclists

    Slacks are nice, but my chainwheels get hungry and like to munch them
  6. J

    Totally Over Magpies

    Yes... got my first swoop of the season a couple weeks ago just around the corner from work.. he gave me the death stare from 100m away, then dive bombed me :flame: Classic
  7. J

    Bloody roadies; a mountain bikers perspective

    Nice one Dozer, that was a good read. So true! One hand clapping for the bionics!!
  8. J

    Prototype CCDB shock.

    "According to Cane Creek, 100% of riders cannot reap the benefits of the CHURN. Literally, there is nobody alive that is qualified to ride the CHURN. For testing, Cane Creek built a bike riding robot, BikeBot, to explore the CHURN’S limits. BikeBot was programmed to only speak French so we could...
  9. J

    People I would fight...

    And this one, why is she getting all wet over what is basically an italian version of a ford fiesta? Meh....
  10. J

    People I would fight...

    :clap2: Thank you... This should also be added to worlds biggest fads. Who gives a flying french connection except channel whine...
  11. J

    Goldcross Closing down

    This is true, they are all owned by Super Cheap Auto. Sports Amart is an amalgamation of rebel, goldcross and possibly Rays outdoors and BCF... Casuals are gone but the store managers and assisstant managers are being relocated. Rebel has already been selling the Goldcross Flight Brand for a...
  12. J

    Thanks, to the guy at Boulder track at the youies

    Great trail... love showing my friends the big drop off the back of that bit... incentive to succeed!!!
  13. J

    Little Things You Love

    The Guys that slapped the ladies off their bikes in Torquay a few months ago got caught finally, $3000 fine each, no convictions though as far as i know, driver suspended for 12 months.. Is a win but i sense its not over yet as the lady who got hurt would probably sue for damages
  14. J

    Mini BMX craze???

    ROFLMAO. The fucked thing is it probably will catch on somewhere then like everything else will spread... That size bike is amazing as a trampoline bike btw...
  15. J

    Little Things You Hate

    Thats usually what happens, but tihs one snapped the link in half, also i have a habit of not using quick links coz i always break 'em. And not long ago I had a shadow half link chain that had worn the grooves off the pins and you could push them through with your fingers, all jelly like. only...
  16. J

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Fixed a broken link in my chain on my bmx, gave her a clean then went to the park.. dialled.
  17. J

    The stupid questions thread.

    ^^ Its a bit of a cop out to the aussies that designed and built the car to have yank badges slapped all over them. I dont think you would have ever seen dudes throwing Nissan badges on their VL turbo's.. Pointless
  18. J

    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH; Snapping my chain as i went to ride off from the traffic lights :Cry: Too much torque in the old tree trunks...