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    Light Bicycle Carbon Rims/Wheels (Review Included on 1st Post))

    I had the LB “u shaped” 45mm road rims made up into a set of tubeless road wheel. Laced up with Sapim Lasers to White Industries and generic front hubset by Coops Hoops (Melb based wheel builder). Stans yellow tape and Hutchison tubeless fusion tyre (track pumped up) finished off the build...
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    VIC Wombat 24 hour 6/7 December 2014

    Results Now that the race is over... where are the results?
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    TALAS v Revelation

    First my fork background: 05 Revs 07 Talas 08 F120 09 Revs So my opinion may be outdated now... but here it is anyway. The F120 RLs came stock on my bike, it was buttery smooth however too soft. If i pumped it up, then small bumps responsiveness suffered - i think it was just the way...
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    TALAS v Revelation

    I believe it is the other way round. Fox is plusher feel but Revolutions are sturdier with a less flexy body with longer lasting seals. I have had both and I now have Revs on my Trance.
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    Super lite single speed build up.

    I have done the same with my commuter SS - a light weightweenie project (albeit on a budget). this is what i did which could help your casue: - I have the xpedo Ti/Ti mtb pedals (210g) and they work with existing Shimano SPD cleats - planet-x brakeset is around 210g. - Wheels - build your...
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    WTB - Ayup 3 hour battery

    Yeah i know... just wanted to save the planet 1 battery at a time.
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    WTB - Ayup 3 hour battery

    Anyone got a 3 hour battery with mounts in good condition they do not want/use?
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    Shoes - what to look for

    Sizing Not sure you were planning on buying online, but I found this helpful for sizing (unfortunately no specialized).
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    XC chain guide

    I recently installed an e-13 bb chain guide on my XC bike for 1x9 operation. Works perfectly fine with the standard (ramped) 32 tooth chainring. It can be adjusted up for larger rings. Needed to slightly bend it so that there was no chain rub throughout the gear range. About $50 from our UK...
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    Hope Hoops Pro 3 SP XC6

    Took the wheels through a very muddy Wombat run on the weekend and had no problems. They felt stiff enough and can definately feel the difference in weight from my old wheelset (overall 800gs shaved over my old setup which was dt swiss 370 and mavic 317s). I felt more agile cornering and...
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    Hope Hoops Pro 3 SP XC6

    Update: mounted tyres tubeless without any issues. They were schwalbe rocket Ron non-ust and a nobby nic ust used tyres from my old wheelset. They both mounted easily with a track pump and a sealant - not soap required. Installed with notubes yellow rim tape. I then went to put my cassette...
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    Hope Hoops Pro 3 SP XC6

    Just an FYI - After a year of indicision, I finally got a set of hope xc6 wheelsets with the 24h crest rims and 6 bolt hubs from CRC. When i got them home, first thing i did was weigh them - 1436g for the pair with rim tape. Not bad... Freewheel has the usual Hope loud click (which i...
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    [FOUND] Garmin at You Yangs

    Found a Garmin on the Sunday 26th Feb 2012 in You Yangs. Tell me what make, colour and location (roughly) you lost the Garmin and it will be reunited with you. Cheers, Splunk
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    2012 cannondale super six

    I am sure people said similar things 15 years ago - happy to ride 8kg bike but scared to ride 6.8kg. Apparently the pros are riding them in the Giro de Italia at the moment, so if it can survive a grand tour, I am sure it will work...
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    1x9 options

    Crank bolts If i were to change to a single ring up front from my current choice of 3, would I need new "narrow" chain ring bolts?
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    Hope Hoops Pro 3 SP XC6

    pd_mcleod, Did you end up getting the hope hoops. I am in the exact same boat - 70kg looking for a light wheelset at an excellent price point. Just curious on a report if you have the time. Cheers.
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    Maxxis Ignitor

    I have 2.35 UST ignitors on the front of my bike which has lasted for ever. Done XC to light DH on them with no issues. Do it, you will not be sorry.
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    Prescription eyewear

    I am a 24/7 glasses wearer too and this is what i have found from experience: - Oakleys with tinted script lenses works a treat. I use the "Fives" frame - For night I tried the cheaper option of a CRC purchase - sunglasses with 3 lenses which featured clip in lenses which i got from...
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    Post your commuter!

    Yep, same place where I got mine. I used 5 sheets of A4 to cover all the main tubes and fork of my steel bike (thinner tubes than alu)
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    Post your commuter!

    Reflective commuter Here is my 25 year old Malvern Star Sprint 12 Commuter converted to a single speed (53 x 18). After watching the brightbike video on youtube i decided that i should do it too. So went to ebay and spent $20 and got myself 6 sheets of black reflective vinyl. The vinyl is...