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    ACT 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 medium

    So if we're calling the 26" Anthem X Advanced the Sunny - then I reckon it's an N14 GTI-R Sunny. Small, quite light, fast and agile, and most of them are going to be worn and maybe a bit broken now but if you find one, it'll be cheap. The 2020 29er 2 is perhars a brand new Infiniti Q50 3.0T...
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    ACT 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 medium

    Indeed, tho a replacement 26" frame would have been nicer. Perhaps I should just move on, maybe I'd like it with the right few upgrades..
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    ACT 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 medium

    It was a replacement for a cracked 26" so my choices are ride it or sell it. Also considering partial trades on size L 26" XC duallies ..
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    ACT 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 medium

    Item: 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 Location: Canberra - the Peoples' Republic of the Inner North Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: 29ers aren't my thing. I'm a luddite who wants his 26" Anthem back. Price and price conditions: $2800. It's $3800 RRP and some shops will probably do...
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    Progressing from XC to AM/END/DH in Canberra

    A few times since the trails were formalised, yes. I meant that the DH runs are called "corridors" which particuarly in the rock gardens can be several metres wide and so offer a large variety of line choices. IE while there's obvious A/B/C lines, arguably there are some choices that are even...
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    Progressing from XC to AM/END/DH in Canberra

    Maybe that the serious features are worth a stop and a quick wander, to learn the lines. Otherwise, mostly repeating everyone else: Touching Cloth / Rocksanne / Downhill at Majura - and maybe Barry aiming to go . Short and Sharp at Stromlo. I guess Three Amigos has a couple of tough tech...
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    Shimano Gearbox (I'm excited)

    I know how to move 250+ grams off the cassette and towards the centre of the bike, whilst increasing the range of gearing from 400-500% to 600% or more. It's called triple chainrings and a front derailleur. Would still love to buy a rohloff with STI-compatible electronic shifting. E14 looks...
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    Squirmy Tyres

    Trek website says 2019 x-cal 9 say 23mm rims, so you're presumably measuring the outside. Minions have very large knobs. Consider some more-XC-oriented tyres for the XC bike? Ikon / Ardent / etc? You're probably just getting used to MTB tyres. I'd be running 10 PSI lower in the rear, even...
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    Customer Service Warning

    Yes, but consumers have the remedy of recovering costs from the manufacturer - so it's in the manufacturer's interest to have their retailers sort out any problems. I would put it in in...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Told a couple of people carrying POC helmets that they were $20 cheaper at pushy's online and they should ask for a price match, which apparently they got. I guess $7 socks are OK but everything else out the front seemed like uninspiring crap. Maxxis tyres for $50 were OK, think I got the...
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    Boxxer angle clamps?

    Yeah, got the drop crown on - the headtube is fairly tall. I just realised that my spare shock isn't shorter eye-to-eye, just less stroke/travel. Ooops. :rolleyes: Looks like BB height is just under 370mm currently. Will have to figure out how much I want to lower it and decide (ho hurry)...
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    Lord of the Squirrels

    So the climbing trail on the loop, Into The Mystic, is wide (like 1m wide-ish) and smooth - that's what makes it especially climbable. The better half and I rode it around the time it officially opened in 2017. We had solid but definitely not elite levels of bike fitness .. There are...
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    Boxxer angle clamps?

    The regular one that came with the fork. Bike is a small '04 BigHit Expert. Sitting unridden for a while, I'm thinking of slowing improving in over the next couple of years. Hoepfully in a few years the kids will be thrashing it. So I changed from supposedly 555mm a2c on the factory Junior...
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    Boxxer angle clamps?

    I have an old DH bike that's running 2010 Boxxers. It'd be nice to slacken out the forks maybe 2 degrees from current HA of about 65.5 degrees, which would also drop the BB a few mm which is nice - but the old EC34 headtube rules out an angleset, which would probably do 1 degree adjust anyway...
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    Shimano ispec II Spacer

    Anyone else got an I-Spec II spacer, or know where to buy one? I'm in the same boat.
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    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH: Shims, and Giant's love of them - particularly combined with their leftover stock of 1.25" stems. Seriously guys.. Selling me a 2019 bike with normal 1.5-1.125" tapered fork, a 1.25" stem and top cap, and a 1.125-1.25" shim is just lame. So I can't properly move spacers from below to...
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    Bargain buys thread

    Actually, it didn't. Customs still aren't collecting GST on shipments under $1000. The problem is a number of sellers, marketplaces and forwarders overseas have been convinced to charge you GST on behalf of the Aus Govt for items destined for Australia, regardless of the price. Sellers...
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    Pinkbike Return to Earth challenge

    And if you log a ride every day, that gives about a 1 in 130 chance of winning a daily prize pack - which are each a solid $500 worth of kit. Want to place bets on 30 day streak riders at the end? My guess is 1800. I have a 400m segment thru a park 1km from home. Half my ridelogs have only...
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    99 Bikes Canberra - which one?

    I saw a Trail 429 in 99 Bikes Mitchell on Saturday arvo. ;)
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    ACT NukeProof Enduro Knee Sleeve - Medium

    Still one pair left..