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  1. Gutty

    XC/Trail bike - $1500 Max price range, Sydney NSW area

    Mate, you know you love a bit of Ladies Kent...
  2. Gutty

    XC/Trail bike - $1500 Max price range, Sydney NSW area

    Perfect for you mate !!!
  3. Gutty

    Kona Stuff

    So i guess i should give reason for the grave dig. Decided to drag the old Kona out the other week, have given it a service and a few new parts, keen to get out on some trails. It's been FAR too long ! Great to see some of the old faces/names still around, and great to see what Farkin has...
  4. Gutty

    another tattoo thread.

    Nice ink old mate ;-)
  5. Gutty

    Kona Stuff

    Yeah, i did... How's that for a grave dig ? ;-) I shouldn't have done that should i... *runs away*
  6. Gutty

    Pics of you playing

    Nah, about 3/4 of the way up Mount P. Cheers.
  7. Gutty

    Pics of you playing

    Perisher in summer Oran Park I'd be the second guy....back in the day ;-( And my other...
  8. Gutty

    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    See...this is where you went wrong. 3 wives, 1 house and no children is where it's at !
  9. Gutty

    Red light cameras funny, yet sadly so true Toodles ;-)
  10. Gutty

    Motor racing discussion

    Too true... me being someone that used to go to the easter bike races. Albeit as a youngster. Damn rednecks !! That's not to say the sport is all bogans, though i must admit i do prefere the corperate box every time. It's s bogan free area. Sadly, it's not just motor racing...
  11. Gutty

    Be Careful (PLEASE READ)

    Shit had an old man you can ALWAYS be proud of. I feel your pain.
  12. Gutty

    Whatever happened to......

    Just popped in to check the classifieds, looking for a little hard tail for the missus. Firgured i might aswell do a little grave dig while i'm at it ;-) Good to see i'm gone but not forgotten. Great to see a few of the old faces still hang'n out, and GREAT to see how well Farkin is doing...
  13. Gutty

    Road Bike Advice - What bike?

    So you're after a road bike Peachy me old mate ?? Might be a wee bit on the heavy side for ya, and only got 5 gears....... :lol: :lol:
  14. Gutty

    Road riding continued

    Maybe......... Imagine that was a bunch or you fellas doing one of your city night rides.........*shudders*....... :( Dumb bitch !!
  15. Gutty

    Road riding continued

    Just a little story that kinda reflects my thoughts about cyclists not riding defensively enough. I realize this is nothing to do with MTBs, and quiet possibly could not have been avoided under any circumstances. But it does highlight the danger of playing with cars on yer pushy. And also the...
  16. Gutty

    my new ramp

    Nice ramp Gus !! I agree that it's probably gonna need atleast 1 diagonal brace at the front...... But more's been a month Gus....where are the pics or you hitting it ?? :wink:
  17. Gutty

    Advice for mate with cheating girlfreind?

    If they do it once, they'll do it again. She obviously don't love him like he does her. best to just move on IMO.
  18. Gutty


    I'm sure you're not shitting me Toodles :wink: , my point is, as far as i know from previous experience, that law only applies if the car is given ample(not sure how they judge this) time to stop. If you were doing 60km/h down jackass street, and when you get to about 5 meters away i jump in...
  19. Gutty

    Anyone in Sydney wish to reply to these? NEWER LETTERS ADDED

    So you see guys purposefully driving at 20-30km/h in peak hour traffic ?? Sorry, but i don't believe you. Just because you see these guys drive slow and not get booked doesn't mean it never happens. Check the road rules down at your local RTA. You can be booked for disrupting traffic by driving...
  20. Gutty

    Anyone in Sydney wish to reply to these? NEWER LETTERS ADDED

    Well i guess thats a fare enough point Matt. Personally i'd get on the footpath if it were possible. But thats just me.......... :wink: