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  1. Gutty

    Road riding continued

    Just a little story that kinda reflects my thoughts about cyclists not riding defensively enough. I realize this is nothing to do with MTBs, and quiet possibly could not have been avoided under any circumstances. But it does highlight the danger of playing with cars on yer pushy. And also the...
  2. Gutty

    Kryptonite crap !!

    Struth !! :shock:
  3. Gutty

    Join Guttys fitness program

    I have finally decided to go on a fitness program................ So therefore I have decided to do more physical activity in 2004. From this weekend on I will ride 10 km every day. If there are any of you who would like to join my bike club, please send me a message and we can make...
  4. Gutty

    Dice two four + Aireal hub

    Item: Brand new Dice two four rim laced to brand new Aireal switch system hub(blue) and 2.7Maxxis high roller. Location:Sydney-Wollongong Item Condition:Brand spankin new. Never used. Reason for selling:No bike to put it on. Price and price conditions:$250 Pictures: Can be seen on bike here...
  5. Gutty

    Bashring comp winners

    I started your bashies today, doing my best to get them out by christmas. Please excuse the delay. :oops: J5ive: I don't think you've given me any artwork yet. get on it boy-o. Mr.Plow: You changed your mind about the design i can't for the life of me remember what you want now. Also, the...
  6. Gutty

    Forum joke

    I think it's often quite fitting. appologies if you've seen it before...... "How many Internet Forum Posters (pick a forum... any forum...) does it take to change a light bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar...
  7. Gutty

    Bugger off and leave me alone.

    SOLD !! Feel free to remove this thread guys.
  8. Gutty

    One of those screw up your PC links......not really.

    Have fun sending this to your friends.
  9. Gutty

    Hows ya form.......

    Did the pinkbike thread really need to be locked ? This is the kinda thing the "Off topic discussion" is ment for isn't it ?? lets see, no swearing, no bagging of farkin members, just a little bit of dribble about the worlds most popular but also gayest MTB site. So are you just bored...
  10. Gutty

    Just an updated pic of my favourite bike

    Sorry but it has a motor :oops: WR250F with all the rego bullshit removed, ready for the MX track. Damn this is fun little bike.
  11. Gutty

    Look what made the cover of CNC machining mag.

    Probably not too exciting for most, i kinda like seeing MTBs getting mainstream publicity though. The article is actually about Avalanche. Some nice detailed pics of their dampers if anyone is interested. the article: The cover:
  12. Gutty

    Write a reveiw, win a bashring.

    Ok, most of you know whats going on here but for those who don't, Write a reveiw for any MTB product, best reveiw wins a custom lexan bashring, just like Kalems pictured below only you get to design your own. Everyone understand ?? Judges are Myself, Socket and kalem. One...
  13. Gutty

    Design a frame, comp over. We have 2 winners.

    Ok, most of you know whats going on here but for those who don't, Design a MTB frame in MS Paint(i will have an expert checking for Photoshop usage so don't bother), it can be any kind of MTB. Best design(One for the best, one for the funniest) will win a custom lexan bashring, just like...
  14. Gutty

    Yay i made the cut

    Apart from MTB and MX(oh and beer) my next favourite pass time is my fish tank. I keep African Cichlids and have 2 tanks, one is 450litres and the other about 80L for the babies. Anyway, a few months back i joined a site much like this but for Cichlids. They run a photo comp every month with no...
  15. Gutty

    My day at the race track(cars)

    Original post and pic hosting on
  16. Gutty

    Craftworks FRM, Super T etc

    It is only 2 rides old, it's just like brand new and in excellent condition. Spent over $7,500 on it. Broken wrist/arm has put a stop to my DH for a while. Parts spec: 03FRM with custom linkage gets 7.5" travel(standard shock and linkage included) 02 superT(7") XT discs, 8" front 6" rear...
  17. Gutty

    And booo to you too Scott

    1, i agree with Socket, avatar theives suck, it's no better than internet photography theft(removing the photgraphers logo and adding yours). If finding a pic and resizing it is too hard then go without. 2, why lock Sockets thread ? You weren't involved, you didn't have to follow it's...
  18. Gutty

    So am i Gutty or Wombat ? Some ones not so sure.....

    A funny convo i had with Steve today......he got a little confused. Gutty says: fix it yet ?? Steve says: ? Gutty says: hurry up Steve says: fix what? Gutty says: fork Steve says: no... Gutty says: go and get some oil Steve says: i'm checking the bus schedule Gutty says: oh...
  19. Gutty

    Got some good news yesterday......

    sadly i got some bad news too. Well the good news is, i have been given permission by my doctors to start riding my bikes again. No more jumping the moto or any hard DH type stuff but atleast i can get out there and ride again. :D The bad news is,(and the reason for the good news) that...