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    VIC SOLD - 2007 Boxxer Race Forks $170 posted

    Item: 2007 Boxxer Race Forks Location: Bendigo Vic Item Condition: Great condition, regularly service, Enduro seals Reason for selling: Not used, too many old forks Price and price conditions: $170 posted Extra Info: Only ridden by Veteran DH rider and has not seen much air time in its...
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    SOLD.......2002 Rockshox Boxxer $175

    Item: 2002 Rockshox Boxxer Location: Bendigo Victoria Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: New 2007 Rockshox Boxxer Race Price and price conditions: $175 + postage Extra Info: 178mm travel. 20mm thru axle. Steerer length 245mm. No scratches on the stanchions, minor...
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    Fox spring 450 or 400 x 2.8

    Item: Fox spring 450 or 400 x 2.8 Location: Bendigo Vic, will pay post! Price range/Willing to Pay: $30.00 Extra Info: very interested
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    Rays Indoor MTB park - update

    Update: As posted in 2006 by 'technoboy' - Rays Indoor MTB park - Ray has bought some more buildings and has added more to his indoor park. Great idea. :D Check out Sicklines for more video of Ray's mtb park -
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    Old fox spring

    I have a 2002 fox 550lb x 2.8 spring, is it compatible with the current fox rear shocks cheers kano
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    SOLD ---Fox Vanilla RC spring 550lb x 2.80

    Item: Fox Spring 550lb x 2.80 to suit Fox Vanilla RC Location: Bendigo, Vic Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: To light for my weight Price and price conditions: $30 + postage (to anywhere) Extra Info: Has seen very little use Pictures: On request
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    Rear Shock Spring 2.8" x 650 lbs

    What: Spring 2.8" x 650 lbs to suit Fox Vanilla RC rear shock 02 model Price range/Willing to Pay: Tell me what you want Location: Bendigo, Vic Extra Info: Spring to be in good condition
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    Boxxer disc brake adapter

    I have 2002 boxxers and I am in the process of upgrading the brakes, has the disc brake adapter mount on the boxxers change any from 2002 to present? Currently a real old set of Hayes discs are on it and I want to upgrade to Saint. Cheers..........
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    Oversize handlebars dumb question

    Sorry for a dumb question but with oversize handlebars does it effect the size of the brake lever, shifter pod (where it attaches to the handle bar) or does it taper down to a standard size
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    Bent Bottom BRacket

    Is possible to bend the spindle in the bottom bracket? I had relatively small off and now there is such a big buckle in the chain ring / chain guide. I cant see myself bending the crank. Its a Truvativ isis drive crank / bottom bracket.
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    02 Hayes DH disc brakes

    Do these old brakes have the same power as the new ones. I find I am lacking the braking power with mine. Am I up for a new set of brakes? if so what would you recommend for a DH bike? Cheers Kano
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    XXL Full Face helmets for horse heads

    Hey, can anyone recommend a full face helmet for XXL large heads? I have search the forums but have found nothing conclusive. Cheers Kano