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    Tyre clearance

    Hey Gents, Curious about tyre clearances and peoples experience/recommendations. Running my Genius 720+ with 29ers and 2.4 DHR on the rear. The manual recomends max tyre width of 27.5x3.0" which equates to roughly 29x2.25" in outside diameter. Noticed this on the Scott website FAQs - "We...
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    Fox 34 forks axle nut

    Not me, but my mate was tightening up his kabolt (with a torque wrench) and the axle nut broke loose. Instead of just the axle nut teeth being rounded or broken the actual teeth on the fork lowers have broken off... Fox are saying overtightened so not manufacturing fault but a torque wrench...
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    DT Swiss v Spank Wheelsets

    Hey all, Considering getting a set of 29er hoops for my genius +. Ideally looking around the $500 mark. Have two contenders at the moment in the price range, I have listed main differences/specs; DT Swiss E1700 - 350 hubs - 25mm ID rim - 18T ratchet freehub - single butted spokes Spank Oozy...
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    Double Chainring Ratios / Clearance.

    Hi All, Currently have a 2 x 10 set up. Rather than going all out to 1 x 11 just yet (trying to get fitness up first), am looking at reducing the gap between the big 36T and tiny 22T (ruins cadence everytime). I can buy a 64BCD ring with up to 28T - this may be a stretch so more likely 26T...
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    New bike options.

    Hey gang. Hoping you can assist with my options for a new steed. I am currently riding a 29r hardtail as it was a originally a dual use occasional commuter / weekend trail warrior bike. I have decided I need something full squish and more suited to my unfit (read: talentless) riding style...
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    29er vs 27.5+ frame/fork difference

    At some point in the near future I am looking at upgrading my ride - the 29" XC hardtail needs to go in favour of something more trail orientated. While I am leaning towards something full suss, 29" with 120-140mm travel (6ft3 1/2 tall, 95kg) - the research has left a few unanswered questions...
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    29er TUBES

    Ok guys, quickly, heres the deal. Need spare tubes and some for set of slicks on the commute wheelset. Potentially want to fill the commute ones with some spare stans. So, lowish weight and removable core would be good. Oh and presta valves. Tubes from LBS are expensive and no removable...
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    29er wheel selection

    So, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new wheelset on the premise that one would have slicks and the other knobblies. I now have 2 wheelsets, The Sun Ringle Black Flag Experts and the stock Giant wheelset from my 2011 XTC 29-1. Now, ignoring the fact that the Sun Ringle rims are...
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    Centre lock vs 6 bolt

    I'm sure there have been discussions on this, but search did not let me find what I was after. I'm looking to buy/build a new wheelset and have been doing some research. Obviously, centre lock and 6 bolt options have come up in my findings. Mainly due to the seeming lack of 15mm TA hubs...
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    29er 'specific' bars..

    I have noticed that manufacturers of 29er bikes have in their technical info stated that flat bars are 29er specific. Does anyone know the reason for this? Why are flat bars better on a 29er than riser bars? Is it something to do with the effective handlebar height? Discuss.
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    Riser Bars vs Higher Stem Angle

    Hi All, Say I wanted to make my riding position more upright, are there any advantages/disadvantages when choosing to go for a stem with a greater rise angle or a riser bar??? I have a flat bar atm with a 110mm stem at plus 8 degrees. I have found some budget (20 bucks) 12 deg and 24 deg...
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    What shorts/knicks do you wear?

    Hi All, I currently only have a cheap generic pair of lycra shorts with a foam pad that is rather useless, so am looking to get a decent pair. So, a quick question for you. What short/knicks do you use and how would you rate them??
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    Popping my rotorburn cherry

    Hi All, Just thought I should make my first post here and introduce myself. I recently decided to get back onto a bike. It's been a few years since I was last on the saddle with most of my riding being commuting, little bush trails in the metro area and homemade jumps (as kids and teenagers...