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    NSW Cygolite TridenX Xtra 1300lm

    Hi all and hoping someone can tell me where I can find a Cygolite TridenX Xtra 1300lm headlight either new old stock or second hand. I cannot believe they decided to discontinue these headlights they are amazing Anyway if you have one or know someone who has one send me a PM as I am keen to...
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    Rockshox Full Sprint or Xloc x 2?

    Hi all, Wanting some advice with my giant anthem bike. I recently purchased a sram monarch xx 6.5 rear shock and it didn't come with a remote just the cable. However, should I go down the rockshox full Sprint remote that locks F/R at same time or should I go with the front and rear on...
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    Avid XX brakes

    Well the rear brake on my giant anthem x 2014 can only move about 5mm and there is rubbing with the pads and disc. I know this is stupid but on my old avid xo brakes I was able to adjust the pad contact, with the twisty adjuster, where is the one on the XX brakes? I have looked on there...
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    New background styles.

    Just curious if it would at all be possible to add in another background colour scheme/style. Similar to what OCAU use with Sabretooth (dark blue background, light blue for threads, orange and white for the writing. It would be good to change from the brightness of the white styles that are...
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    Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0

    So I picked up my new bike the other day, Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 Large size. The bike being fully stock with tubes, Giant grips, Sram XX1 trigger shifter & no pedals, came to 10.1kg on the bike stores scales. With m980 XTR pedals (310g) & Elite bottle cage (38g) fitted, the bike...
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    New bike from insurance claim?

    Well my pride and joy got stolen earlier in the week. Luckily it was insured and my insurance company is going through the motions of getting me a bike. Now I am just curious what new bike should I be looking at getting? I am wanting something more XC based. I have been looking on...
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    STOLEN Giant Anthem X SL1 2010 Sutherland Shire area

    Some mother&&%*%%% has stolen my bike out of my garage which was bike locked to the wall. the bike is running sram XO gear, with mavic crossmark rims, large frame size, and has a cateye speedo computer centred on the stem, with shimano m540 clip in pedals this is what it looks like
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    New rear shock!

    What would happen if I used a shock that was 7.25ins 1.75ins to replace my 6.5ins 1.5ins shock?
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    Fox V RockShox

    Just been browsing the web for new 2013 hardware for forks & rear shocks from both Fox & RockShox & I'm just wondering what you guys think of the new stuff & how well you think each company has implemented them? IMO RockShox, I think has come out on top with ease of use & functionality, with...
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    Fox RLC

    I'm over riding with a 9mm dropout & want to with to say a 15mm axle. I've got Fox Fit RL F-Series 100mm 9mm forks, but I was wondering can I just purchase a new 15mm lower assembly, instead of purchasing new forks all together & switch them over when I get the suspension serviced at my LBS...
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    NSW CLOSEDDDDDD! plz delete

    Well today for sale I am selling my Shimano XT WH-M775 wheelset (F/R) they come with CL Avid 160mm G3 rotors & black Jetblack QR 9mm skewers & tubeless valves, unfortunately no cassette is included. rims are in very good condition & they have not been abused at all, run straight & true. Ive...
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    BB30 on a Giant Anthem X SL1

    Hey just wondering if a BB30 SRAM crankset will fit to my Giant Anthem X SL1??
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    Jetblack 160mm Rotors??

    Just wondering how good the Jetblack 160mm 6bolt rotors go? The rotor's will be used with Elixir CR brakes Are they better then Avid G3's???
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    Sydney Bike Show 2011?

    Hi, Many years I remember going to the bike (bicycle not motorbike) show at Randwick Race course and had such a good time, when ever I went (nearly 12 years ago) Upon searching the net I haven't found any info on when/where there will be one in Sydney I did however see that has been in...
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    Training for 24hr enduro races

    Ive recently gotten considerably keen on mountain biking again but with a more serious note. Ive decided to test my physical & mental strength by competing in adventure races with a with mates and also compete solo, in 12hr/24hr endurance races I'm just wondering what would be the best...