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  1. cammas

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Again Facebook delivers but I should have taken a screenshot of naan bread or pancakes that had Ansell “massager” as the rolling pin
  2. cammas

    Hauling bikes in utes with hard lids

    It usually doesn’t have the tray/basket thing on there so the bike racks are either side of the tub. But like most people these days that drive utes, I don’t think the tub doesn’t get much of work out except for his helmet and shoes
  3. cammas

    Hauling bikes in utes with hard lids

    My mate has a pretty neat set up with a roller lid and the racks over the top, from what I can see the roller lid doesn’t take up that much space and yes his he loves Instagram :rolleyes:
  4. cammas

    Cable guide/holder/spreader

    I’ve seen a couple done but that’s the neatest one I’ve seen, as others used multiple ties so I will copy this design and I’ll give it a a crack myself.
  5. cammas

    Cable guide/holder/spreader

    Currently giving a friends early Giant Trance a once over and it has this nifty cable guide that keeps the cables apart near the seat tube, which by the looks of it was added after the damage was done. Just wondering if anyone knows of any similar after market bits made, as I wouldn’t mind mind...
  6. cammas

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Facebook just keeps giving, looking at cars and come across scratch that, stumbled upon this.
  7. cammas

    VIC Found 27.5 rear wheel with 27mm internal width or greater

    Item: After 27.5 rear wheel prefer a Stan’s Flow on a hope hub with XD driver and 142 or something along those lines like DT Swiss Spank etc looking for 27-30mm internal width will consider a complete set Location: preferable Victoria for pick up Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on wheel...
  8. cammas

    What are you listening to NOW?

    Always glad to share good music especially this band, if you like them check out “Russian Circles” or “Sleep Makes Waves” and there is a few others that will make you believe that there still interesting music being made.
  9. cammas

    The You Yangs Thread

    Just a heads up Geelong MTB club has their club champs on tomorrow so there will be a few people around, from memory they’re using Lactic the churn at the bottom of Trav’s and up and over Nanas
  10. cammas

    Possibly stolen stuff on bookface

    This guy has business where he goes through and cleans out shops after they get liquidated and is getting his son to sell the left overs as pocket money, they know nothing about bikes but it is above board. A lot of it is lower end stuff or second hand but has some brand new e thirteen cranks...
  11. cammas

    What are you listening to NOW?

    Cannot get enough of these guys. Discovered them when they released the “Departure Songs” album in 2015 which I still listen to a lot, the back story strikes a chord. Then found the previous album “ The Quietest place on Earth” which is great and still on heavy rotation. Really looking...
  12. cammas

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Some people on Facebook just have too much time on their hands
  13. cammas

    Aldi 29er

    I believe next Saturday according to posts on Facebook, already told the sisters-in-law to get one to ride with her son. There’s some other bits and pieces on sale as well like bike storage stands etc
  14. cammas

    VIC Found 120mm 29er forks

    Item: After a set of 120mm 29er forks with tapered steerer at a minimum of 175mm long. Not fussed on spacing but would prefer 100mm but boost is not a deal breaker. Prefer 34/35mm stanchions and open to any brands as long as they are in good condition. Location: Victoria preferred unless...
  15. cammas

    E-line the new French-line?

    This actually happened earlier this year during a race at the Wombat there was a separate class for ebikes, I believe it was more of a participation class than actually racing, as they started after everyone else. One of the ebike riders had an off and as he lay on the ground a rider who he had...
  16. cammas

    VIC 2017 Rockshox Revelation RCT3, 130MM

    Are these still available and what is the offset?
  17. cammas

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    If I can $800 for my man fluid, I’ll start selling it on Facebook too.
  18. cammas

    Sold Sold Trek Fuel EX 8 medium 17.5 - photos now up

    I am open to reasonable offers
  19. cammas

    Sold Sold Trek Fuel EX 8 medium 17.5 - photos now up

    Item: 2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 29er medium 17.5 inch frame Location: Bacchus Marsh Item Condition: Really good condition Reason for selling: Having issues with my hip replacement Spec: Forks: Fox 34 130mm Shock: Fox Reactiv Drivetrain: Shimano XT 1x11 with 32 tooth absolute black oval...