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  1. frdlvr

    2010-2013 ROCKSHOX BOXXER firm/x-firm spring

    Wanted: 2010-2013 ROCKSHOX BOXXER firm/x-firm spring Please PM me if you have one that you can sell me. Thanks Peter
  2. frdlvr

    Norco DH frames required 2009,2010,2011 (Team DH Frame),2012 (Aurum frame)

    Wanting to purchase either of the following NORCO frames: LARGE OR MEDIUM Prefer with rear shocks but without shock is ok.
  3. frdlvr

    2009/10 Norco Team DH Frames

    Looking at buying a few 2009/10/11 Norco Team DH Frames, want to know if anybody has a medium or large frame not in use (not damaged) willing to sell.
  4. frdlvr

    Totem Coil Spring Extra Firm Red

    Look for a Totem Coil Spring Extra Firm Red or Firm Spring. Both preferably so I can do some testing.
  5. frdlvr

    Ourimbah club round 20th june 2010

    All photos attached are the best of the bunch this month.... "enjoy"
  6. frdlvr

    Parking at Ourimbah!!!!!

    I know this has been talked about before but now it is starting to "PISS ME OFF". Went riding there today (as I do most weekends) and still moron's still can't read and park at the old parking area, next to the land owners gates and not parking at the new parking area 350m up the road...
  7. frdlvr

    Ourimbah DH Race 27th Sept

    Attached are a few photo's that I have taken of the practice and racing on Sunday. If you want a photo please "PM" me with your race number and email address and I will see what I have.
  8. frdlvr

    Fork Spring for a 08 888

    Item: Medium 888 fork spring for model (08 Rc3) Location: Central Coast Price range/Willing to Pay: $30 including postage (since new is $60) Extra Info:can swap soft (red) for medium.
  9. frdlvr

    My New 2009 Norco Team DH

    just wanted to show off my new 2009 Norco Team DH thanks to Phil and Ben for selling the frame and forks to me at a great price. Frame - 2009 Norco Team DH Rear shock - Marzocchi Roco WC Air Front shock/fork - Marzocchi RC3 WC Handlebars - Token Mono-Q Stem - Sunline Direct Mount Grips - Jet...
  10. frdlvr

    Scott Gambler - Long

    Item:Scott Gambler Long Frame (2007, 2008, 2009) Location: Sydney/Central Coast Price range/Willing to Pay:?????? Extra Info:Good condition with Bottom Bracket, Headset, Chain Guide if possible.
  11. frdlvr

    OURIMBAH Clubby 19/07/2009

    Below are some early uploaded photos of the racing today. If you are wanting any photos please PM me with your email address and I will see if I have photo's of you and I will email them back to you. Below photo's have been resized to place on Rotorburn.
  12. frdlvr

    Who wants to look like sam hill when riding!!!!

    Well surfing the web today I have found this link: SPECIALIZED 2010 DEMO8-SAM'S BIKE All Sam's colour's, and spec....
  13. frdlvr

    2010 NORCO DH Bike

    Not sure if anybody has seen this yet, but picture below is the 2010 NORCO DH Bike. To me it looks like a strong stiff bike and would love to have one...
  14. frdlvr

    INTENSE M3 (Large)

    Item: Intense M3 (Large) frame or frame/forks only Location: I live on the Central Coast will pay for shipping Price and Conditions: $1500 Item Condition: Must be in good condition, 2007 or newer, No cracks, no repaired cracks, no stress marks, no dents (preferably, Depends where they are)...
  15. frdlvr

    DH Norco Shore with 2010 BOXXERS

    Had to put my Norco with its New Boxxers.... Can't wait to hit Ourimbah with them on Saturday!!!!
  16. frdlvr

    NSW Intense M3

    Item: Intense M3 Location: Central Coast Price range/Willing to Pay: $3000 to $3500 (complete) or $1500-$2000 (frame) Extra Info: Looking to purchase a Intense M3, size large either complete or frame. Colour doesn't really worry me but would like Black, White, Red. Complete bike I would...
  17. frdlvr

    ORANGE M3 which was for sale

    I know this is not the correct area to place this but I do not have trading access yet. A few months back there was a Intense M3 (Orange in colour)with fox 40's for sale. Just wondering if somebody knows the seller as I might be interested in purchasing if it has not already been sold. I think...
  18. frdlvr

    DHX 3.0 Rebound not working

    Ive just done a search but couldn't find what I was after, but was just cleaning and resetting my bike shocks and found my DHX 3.0 rebound is not working. Is there a good Australian site where I can go to to either get it services or with troubleshooting.
  19. frdlvr

    Upgrading to the NEW SAINT line

    I am looking at upgrading my gear on me 06 Norco Shore to the new Saint shifters and derailleur, and just want to know if the Shore would run the super shore or need to run the medium derailleur??
  20. frdlvr

    Mount 7 Psychosis Results

    The clouds parted and the racers were treated to an amazing day at the 10th annual Mount 7 Psychosis DH race in beautiful Golden BC. 1-Chris Kovaric 12:35.14 *New Course Record* 2-Nick Quinn 3-Tyler Morland 4-Sam Hill 5-Andrew Mitchell Chris smashed the record by 15 seconds