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  1. cammas

    Cable guide/holder/spreader

    Currently giving a friends early Giant Trance a once over and it has this nifty cable guide that keeps the cables apart near the seat tube, which by the looks of it was added after the damage was done. Just wondering if anyone knows of any similar after market bits made, as I wouldn’t mind mind...
  2. cammas

    VIC Found 27.5 rear wheel with 27mm internal width or greater

    Item: After 27.5 rear wheel prefer a Stan’s Flow on a hope hub with XD driver and 142 or something along those lines like DT Swiss Spank etc looking for 27-30mm internal width will consider a complete set Location: preferable Victoria for pick up Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on wheel...
  3. cammas

    VIC Found 120mm 29er forks

    Item: After a set of 120mm 29er forks with tapered steerer at a minimum of 175mm long. Not fussed on spacing but would prefer 100mm but boost is not a deal breaker. Prefer 34/35mm stanchions and open to any brands as long as they are in good condition. Location: Victoria preferred unless...
  4. cammas

    Sold Sold Trek Fuel EX 8 medium 17.5 - photos now up

    Item: 2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 29er medium 17.5 inch frame Location: Bacchus Marsh Item Condition: Really good condition Reason for selling: Having issues with my hip replacement Spec: Forks: Fox 34 130mm Shock: Fox Reactiv Drivetrain: Shimano XT 1x11 with 32 tooth absolute black oval...
  5. cammas

    VIC Found 70mm stem with 35mm diameter

    Item: I’m after a 70mm long stem with 35mm diameter not fussed on brand at the moment Location: Victoria preferably somewhere between Ballarat, Geelong or western suburbs for pick up Price: depends on the brand up to $80 or so Ended up getting one from mtb direct
  6. cammas

    VIC Salsa flip off skewer & Thomson or Salsa seat post clamp

    Item: Salsa Flip off skewer rear Location: anywhere if you’re willing to post it Price range/Willing to Pay: around $25? Extra Info: After a rear 135mm Salsa skewer preferably black but will consider red or silver Item: Salsa or Thomson black seat post clamp 30.0 Location: anywhere if...
  7. cammas

    VIC Found - Chris King end caps or Salsa alternator 142 plates

    Item: Chris King 135 QR end caps Location: Australia if you’re willing to post if not, Victoria Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: Just brought a King hub that is set up as 142 but my bike is only 135 QR so need a pair of the adapters to make it qr, unless someone has a set of Salsa El...
  8. cammas

    VIC Found Hope trials SS hub 135 to 142 conversion kit

    Item: conversion kit for a Hope singlespeed trials hub 135mm bolt on to 142mm Location: anywhere as long as you're able to post, I'm in Bacchus Marsh so can pick up as well if not too far Price range/Willing to Pay: not sure what their worth $30-$40 I guess depending on condition Extra...
  9. cammas

    WTB: X0 or XX 10 speed grip shifter found

    Item:Chasing a gripshifter either XX or X0 10 speed rear shifter to give it a try Price: depending on condition, up to $80 Location: Victoria unless you're willing to post
  10. cammas

    VIC Found

    going a different path now
  11. cammas


    Hi all I was little heavy handed while changing gears or they may have been a little worn already, but I have stripped the thread for the tension screw for SS mode and would like another plate willing to buy or swap mine if run gears. I know re-tap the thread but trying to keep bolts on...
  12. cammas

    VIC Stans Flow EX 29" single speed wheel

    Item: Stans Flow EX complete 29" single speed wheel Location: Victoria Price range/Willing to Pay: Dependent on condition and hub pm to discuss, local pick up unless your willing to post. Extra Info: Would really prefer to stick with a single speed hub but may consider a geared hub...
  13. cammas

    VIC Salsa seat post clamp found

    Item: Salsa black seat post clamp 30.0mm lip lock, not the quick release type see below Location: Anywhere you live Price range/Willing to Pay: Depending on condition $10 - $15 willing to pay for post Extra Info: wanting to get rid of the red bits off my bike
  14. cammas

    VIC No longer want it sold

    Item:2011 Salsa El Mariachi Steel medium currently set up a single speed, I am going to keep it and buy a dually later in the year, if I had sold it I reckon I would have regretted it, I guess for now I can harden the fark up
  15. cammas

    VIC SOLD Salsa El Mariachi SS

    Item:2011 Salsa El Mariachi Steel medium currently set up a single speed, can be set up geared Brakes: Avid Elixir with 6" rotors Forks: Comes with 2 forks, the original Reba 20mm axle and a Niner carbon QR fork Wheels: Front Flow EX with a Hope hub convertible between 20mm & 9mm with kit...
  16. cammas

    Found WTB 34 direct mount ring not narrow wide.

    I am chasing a direct mount chainring for sram cranks, 34 tooth, something along lines of mrp bling ring does not need to be narrow wide as it is for single speed.
  17. cammas

    Found 29er front wheel or convertable front hub

    Item:After a 29er front wheel must have front axle that is convertible from 9mm to 20mm, would prefer a Stans rim or just the hub something like a Hope or DT Swiss must be able to go 9mm QR to 20mm Location:Victoria Price range/Willing to Pay:Able to swap my wheel which is a Stans Arch rim...
  18. cammas

    VIC Santa Cruz Tallboy LTa no longer want it SOLD

    sold my moto instead
  19. cammas

    Found DT Swiss end caps

    Hi all I am chasing a set of end caps for the 10mm x 135mm axle conversion for the dt 240 hubs anybody able to help out
  20. cammas

    VIC Santa Cruz Tallboy LTa Medium no longer want it SOLD

    Item: 2012 Santa Cruz Tallboy LTa medium Location: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Item Condition: Very good condition has had minimal riding, maybe 600klms, due to an operation and I was not able to ride it for 8 months.This bike has been well maintained and is absolute dream to ride is excellent...