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  1. moorey

    Sold NX Eagle mini group.

    Item. NX Eagle 12sp cassette, shifter, Derailleur and chain. 6h of riding on it. NX cassettes are HG mount, so will fit on your 8/9/10/11 speed Shimano style hub. Condition. Like new, other than black coating wear on the bigger gear. Used for 2 sessions of shuttles, so the low 1/2 of cassette...
  2. moorey

    POS I can’t even.

    So. The great departed @Ideate gave me a roller trainer deallie to keep Felix fit in winter. Felix rides rain hail or shine, but appreciate the gesture. Cool story bro. All of our bikes are too long for it, and Felix was keen to play on it, but it didn’t really fit any of the bikes, Had a...
  3. moorey

    VIC Freebies. I’ll add over time. Clothes added.

    Too hot in the shed to rummage today, but I’ll add to this over the coming days/weeks. Will stagger then, as last time I did a freebie pile in one go, was way too confusing and hectic keeping track and shipping. Not doing a template for each. PURPLE MEANS ITS CLAIMED. WILL TRY TO REMOVE PICS...
  4. moorey

    Gold digger.

    Thought I’d already posted a PYR about this. Made some changes and came to update...but clearly I hadn’t done one. Anyhoo, 11yo daughter has the gravity bug after doing local winter DH series last year. She was keen to try the Vic DH series this year, so a bigger bike was called for. She applied...
  5. moorey

    Fox FACTORY 36 spring change.

    Hey brains trust, swapping to a light spring for my daughter. I haven’t played with springs for years. Previous experience and quick google refresher says to just remove top cap and spring lifts out.... ...but it doesn’t. Spins, but attached to the bottom. Do I need to drop the lowers off and...
  6. moorey

    203 shimmy rotors.

    Item. As above. Must be icetech or XT. 6 bolt only. Condition. Straight and with life left. Price. Depends. Location. Ballarat. Reason. Slow me down....also needing a couple more now that both kids are increasing their quivers.
  7. moorey

    VIC Sold Offset mounting hardware.

    Item. 35x6x12.5 (yes, 6mm bolt, not 8mm). 3mm offset per end. Pro Shock brand. Price. Free. Condition. New. Location. Ballarat. Info. Bought for a bike I no longer have. Haro maybe. I realise the likelyhood of them fitting many bikes is remote, but important centre can be cut to your...
  8. moorey

    WTB. Cane Creek (or fox?)spring. 3.5x350 Found.

    Item. As above. Condition. Springy. Price. Fair, or can swap for good 300. Location. Ballarat. Reason. Too fat for 300, to fit for current 400. Other. My 300 looks thusly.
  9. moorey

    Loaner forks in Maydena

    Hey burners. Anyone close to/coming to the Nationals this weekend with spare 160ish mm forks? My pikes have shit themselves during practice. Think the bladder had exploded, and are effectively pogo sticks. Will pay for any damage I inflict. Alternatively, will buy a cheap set if you have one...
  10. moorey

    FOUND. BOXXER stem for 31.8 bars.

    Item. As above, needs to be short. 25-30mm Max. Prefer black. Condition. Working. Price. Depends. Location. Ballarat. Other. Felix did a bike fit with dude who does a bit of coaching with him. Said he needs 25mm. Thanks.
  11. moorey

    Sus V10 and anthem. Melbourne.

    Shiftiest descriptions ever.
  12. moorey

    VIC WTB. Medium 26” daulie trail bike.

    Item. As above, for a mates son. Something around 120-150mm. No XC or DH bikes. Location. Bright Vic, but I’ll be traveling that way regularly for races, so Ballarat/Melbourne/Vic fine unless you’re happy to ship. Price. Dad says $800 budget. Condition. Working, solid, suspension not munted...
  13. moorey

    Summitfever sorted. Cheers.

    Derailleur has snapped right off. He’s limping to mt beauty, but shop is closed. Will be there around lunch. Someone will surely have a contact there?
  14. moorey

    All sorted. Cheers.

    Hey all, You all know Georg, he’s my vote for the most helpful and knowledgeable burner on here. He just called me asking if I can put out a call for MTB help. He and a group are riding from Canberra to Melbourne. He’s munted his derailleur and needs another today. It’s cracked the B knuckle...
  15. moorey

    Another ‘what ute?’ Thread.

    I’ll be looking to update the old navara soon. It’s been faultless, but getting long in the tooth. Budget will be around $20k. Needs to be: 4x4 Dual cab Prefer tray, tub possibly. 5-6yo max Lowish km. (under 150k) Bullbar and towbar. Pretty much limited to another navara, or a triton for...
  16. moorey

    I also built my wife a bowling ball...

    Well, actually I bought the frame for a girl in the kids skills sessions I run, but dad got cold feet. Viola! A bike for the wife that the kids will ride more often. Frame: 2011(?) Superlight. Shock: 190mm factory CTD (not the 200mm it is spec’d for. Fork: Revelation RCT3, currently 140mm...
  17. moorey

    VIC FOUND. Shimmy GS m8000 derailleur (consider SRAM)

    Item. As above, mid cage XT 11sp mech. Price. Dependant on condition. Condition. Needs to be straight. Location. Ballarat vic. We have post now. Pics. Yeah nah. Other info. Consider a GX or better SRAM as an alternative. Thanks.
  18. moorey

    STOLEN 2017 alloy Bronson.

    My mates. Stolen near Geelong Vic. Specs: Frame: Santa Cruz Bronson Aluminium Slate Blue Large 2017, custom rear suspension linkage. Shock: Fox DHX2, 550lb/in spring Fork: Rockshox Lyrik RCT3 170mm, boost with black labels Wheels: DT Swiss 240 to EX511 front, EX471 rear rim Tyres: Michelin...
  19. moorey

    Hello Operator...

    So...., I was saving for something nice for myself (like a newer Alpine), but decided Felix would get more benefit out of a DH upgrade. Dynamite Cycles in Buninyong really help look after Felix, so they gave us a good price on a frame. He is already a brand ambassador for Kona on his Process...
  20. moorey

    Hope DH wheel 7sp options.

    So...this probably belongs in the confession thread.... Back story. Bought Felix a new 27.5 DH frame. Already had 27.5 boxxers on old 26” bike, and good components, so was planning to swap everything over to new frame with some new wheels. PS, spent everything I had in the bike fund, but you...