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    2014 SEQ Gravity Enduro Series

    Entries are now open for the premier GE series in Australia. Here are just some of the things that you can expect to see at our races. Live results screen for immediate heckling of your mates Your split times printed as you finish for continued heckling All course layouts meet...
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    New Enduro weapon

    Decided to move on from the SB-66 for something different, just because. Found a great deal on this thing, swapped alot of the stock parts for my prefered kit and here she is. A very quick lap this morning (about 5km) shows that the slightly shorter TT and steeper ST angle puts me over the...
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    Working at height Melbourne

    Anyone out there a rigger or roofer in Melbourne. I have an interesting project that needs some guys who are used to being on a roof. drop me a line at or 0404 326 169 Ian.
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    Event Management Solutions QLD Gravity Enduro Series

    After a lot of tiral and error, we now have a suitable timing system for Gravity Enduro Stage racing. So its time to go racing. Sunday August 5th and Monday October 1st (new Qld long weekend) will see riders take to the hills and then pedel thier way back up for the next stage. Details...
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    Seqmtb series rd 1 results

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    2012 seq mtb series

    Hi Guys, Here is the poster for the upcoming SEQ race season. Kicking of next weekend with the XC round hosted by the Kenmore Cycling Club. Additional info can be found at
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    Great Escape Gravity Enduro

    Gravity Enduro racing is coming to Qld!!!! November 20 2011 will see the staging of the Great Escape Gravity Enduro held at Mt Joyce Recreation Park. Gravity Enduro racing is similar to rally racing where riders compete on timed stages on a variety or terrian with untimed liason stages...
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    Mega or Whistler for 2011

    So I have the chance of spending a few weeks in Whislter during Crankworx or heading to Europe and doing the Mega as well as some Euro Park Riding and am looking for feedback on which is better. I have been invovled with working on C'worx for 2 seasons a few years ago, so am keen to head back...
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    Looking for a Trails Demo team in Melb

    I am looking for a trails demo team in the Melb / Geelong area for an upcoming media launch. If this is you or you know some one, drop me a line on here or e-mail This is a paid gig, you must be available during the day (date TBC) and you must be good.
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    Rad - Not so Rad ?

    After about 8 years of talking about it, a tech mate has finally got me a DVD version of RAD (look it up youngins). So I am now watching it over a few rums and notice that in the qualifiying events Cru clearly cuts the course, crossing the tape a few times. I now find it sad that such an...
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    Sunshine Series Rd 3 Entries Open

    With back to back racing coming up in Qld, it is a great time to save some cash and get your entries in early for Rd 3 of the Sunshine Series Rd 3. All event info and entries available here...
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    QLD Sunshine Series - What do you want?

    I am hosting a round of the Sunshine Series at the Kadanga Track that the Trail Blazin Bors have built. I am looking to make a memorable event out of this so I need to know what you guys and gals are looking for from a race weekend. What makes a good event for you outside of a good track and...
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    Gravy wins Crankworx 4X

    Just finished a long day on the hill working with Crankworx, the highlight was watching Graves take out the 4X. He led from start to finish, Gracia took second after a great move to pass lopes in one of the last corners. Mick Hannah managed to outsprint Lopes in the final straight to take...
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    Shimano 8" front adaptor

    What: XT 4 pot front 8" front adaptor Price: How much do you want? Location: anywhere.
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    Hotmail shit

    Any ideas on how to view hotmail. I can access any other site online except for Hotmail which always comes up with errors. I can get in at work so it is nothing wrong with my account. Any geeks out there with ideas.
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    Mark Webber in MTB mag

    Not sure if Singletrack is available in Aus (I so need to come home). But they have just done a full articale on Mark Webber riding MTBs. He gave up the chance to drive an E-type jag at the Goodwood Festival of speed to ride in the 24hr MT Mayhem. Pretty goot artical and shows good shots of...
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    Fort William 04 updates

    OK here is the latest goss from Round One of the Fort William World Cup. Today (Wednesday) has just been for setting up etc and the riders having a walk through of the track. The DH track is basically the same although there is talk that the wooded section that Gravesy crashed in last year...
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    Fort Bill 04

    Righty oh then, I just got my confirmation to be a volunteer at Fort William for this year, you carn't beat getting paid to watch an event like this as well as getting "access all areas" I will try to thow up some daily updates begining from the wednesday when I will be walking all three...
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    Minis for Sale in Bris

    Due to a family illness, My girlfriend and I need to come home from Scotland I need to come back from Scotland in the next week or so and our plans for driving our mini through Europe and back to Aus had to be scrapped. After jsut doing a full lap of Scotland over the Easter Weekend we realise...
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    OS update.

    Just thought I would catch up the crew on what has been going on on the other side of the pond as I know that a few of you are looking at travelling in the future. After living in London for about nine months the endless concrete and polution was giving me the shits too much so we have moved...