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  1. Speshul K

    Sold Yeti SB66c 2014 – Large – XX1 - SOLD

    Item: Yeti SB66c 2014 – Large Location: Brisbane, Kelvin Grove Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade to SB6 Price and price conditions: $2900 Extra Info: Below Pictures: Below Specs: Frame: Yeti SB66c Large 2014 Wheelset: Stans ZTR rims with DT Swiss 350...
  2. Speshul K

    Wanted - Chromag BZA Stem, 50mm Black

    Item: Chromag BZA Stem Location: Brisbane Price range/Willing to Pay: <$120 Extra Info: 50mm Black
  3. Speshul K

    QLD 2007 Marzocchi 888 rcv2xva 8" $SOLD

    Item: 2007 Marzocchi 888 rcv2xva 8" Location: Brisbane, I will post at your expense, but I would rather a local sale Item Condition: Great nick, used for maybe 3 months. Haven't been ridden for a year :( Reason for selling: Financial crisis.. (& boat) Price and price conditions: NOW $650...
  4. Speshul K

    SOLD -Kona Stinky Garbanzo '06 Frame

    Item: Kona Stinky Garbanzo '06 - Frame only Reason for selling: Not needed. I worked as a bike guide for Whistler mountain last year. This was bike was bought by my mate as his first bike, I’m selling it for him as he is moving back to Canada (BASTARD!!) Location: Brisbane, local sale...
  5. Speshul K

    Lost: Bell Bellistic & Spy Goggles @ Mapo

    I've either misplaced or someone has swiped from the back of the ute my helmet and goggles. Either at Mapo on the sunshine coast or at the Mapo pub. It was a Blue Bell Bellistic Helmet with '' stickers down the sides and a Maxxis sticker under the visor and a set of White...
  6. Speshul K

    Kona Stab Garbanzo '07 Frame - Limited Edition SOLD too hot to stay

    Item: Kona Stab Garbanzo '07 Frame Reason for selling: Not needed. I worked as a bike guide for Whistler mountain this year. This was my work bike, available only to staff. Now I'm back I can't justify 2 DH bikes. Location: Brisbane, local sale preferred but will ship interstate at...
  7. Speshul K

    Kona Stab Garbanzo

    Kona was nice enough to pimp out a bunch of these for us at the bike park and I was one of the lucky bastards that scored one, not bad for a work bike.
  8. Speshul K

    Are there any aftermarket Avid Juicy levers out there?

    Ok I bent my stupid juicy 5 lever on the weekend and was going to replace it with just the standard one but thought I'd see if anyone makes aftermarket levers. I've searched the net myself of course but haven't found anything so I though I put the question out there if anyone knows if anyone...
  9. Speshul K

    SOLD... still some free tyres to give away

    Location: Brisbane, pickup prefered. Reason for selling: Don't need, taking up space Pictures: Below Item: 2 x Tioga Factory DH Pro 2.5's Item Condition: 1 @ 60%, 1 @ 50% Price and price conditions: $20, $15 respectively Extra Info: Um.... they roll Item: 2 x Tioga Factory DH...
  10. Speshul K

    Aireal 20mm front hub rebuild

    I've just bought a second hand Aireal front hub, it's the model without the QR/20mm switch system. I haven't had a chance to fully check it out myself as I loaned it out straight away but I've been informed that the bearings are shot. What's involved in replacing these.... can't be hard...
  11. Speshul K

    Calling anyone with contacts in Canada.?.?.

    In January 2006 myself and 2 mates are heading over to Canada for a years working holiday. I know it's going to be pretty late in the season to score jobs in the ski resorts but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and pestering as many resorts as I can. I also figured seeing as a lot of...
  12. Speshul K

    SOLD: Santa Cruz Super 8 '02

    Item: Santa Cruz Super 8 '02 Location: Brisbane, I would prefer a local sale but I am willing to send interstate at buyers expense Item Condition: The rear swing arm does have a crack across one of little cross braces, nothing major, it can be fixed for around $300 or maybe even less...
  13. Speshul K

    661 Pressure suit '05 $SOLD

    Item: 661 Pressure suit '05 Location: Brisbane, willing to post. Item Condition: Great, it's saved my skin a couple times so the plastic guards are a little stratched up but other than that it's in A1 condition. No rips or tears. Reason for selling: Going OS... need money Price and...
  14. Speshul K

    Know your Pro....

    Australian Riders Just an interesting page I came across today (while working hard of course!) All the Australian riders have their stats are up there, worth checking it out. Sorry no street address's for all you thiefing bastards out there (Damn it, I wanted a 'hot' new bike) Just...
  15. Speshul K

    New member application for the Collar club

    I hope karma works both ways. I've been a good boy lately and I didn't deserve this!! So now I figure there must be some good luck on the way right??........ ...right?? This happened from a small stack just after the creek gap at toowoomba today. There is some video of it which will...
  16. Speshul K

    Wanted DC Shivers - 02's-04's, $600-$800

    What: DC Shivers - 04's, 03's, 02's, 05's if you you wanna sell them cheap!! Price range/Willing to Pay: $800-04's, $700-03's, $600-02's. Location: Brisbane Extra Info: Need to be in good nic I don't want to have to rebuild them straight away.
  17. Speshul K

    450pound spring - (7.785" x 2.25")

    What: Spring for 5th element Price range/Willing to Pay: depending on condition up to say $60 Location: Brisbane Extra Info: For a SC Super 8, needs to be 7.875" x 2.25" and I'm looking for a 450pound or thereabouts
  18. Speshul K

    2000 Giant Warp DS-1 Frame - $100

    SOLD - 2000 Giant Warp DS-1 Frame Item: 2000 Giant Warp DS-1 Frame, Location: Brisbane-Runcorn Item Condition: Frame has usual scratches from 4 years of riding but has no cracks. Reason for selling: It was my first mountain bike and served me well for about 4 years but I've moved on...
  19. Speshul K

    My Super8 before it broke :(

    Unfortunantly it's broken now and in pieces, everything has been put onto an ID Dr Jekyll frame, I put some pics up of that soon. But this is what it used to be: Frame: Santa Cruz Super 8 Gen2 with Fox Vanilla RC Fork: Marz Super T Pro's '02 Stem: Truvativ Holzfeller 40mm (Azonic...
  20. Speshul K

    2004 Balfa BB7, How much are they worth??

    2004 Balfa BB7 frame. 5th Element Shock, Floating rear caliper. How much would it be worth?? Also a few more prices if you'd like to guess. -NEW 2003 Tomac 204 Magnum Downhill frame Fox shock? -Cove Peeler DH w/ 5th Element Shock?? Looking for a replacement and these are my options...