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    1x Crank Configurations

    Hello Rotorburn People, Chasing a poll result on 1x crank options for 2013, the bike in question is a 160mm-170mm travel. Used for heavy trail riding and shuttle runs. Rear end is destined to be a Shadow+ mech or SRAM Type 2. Options include: 1. XX1 Cranks + acclaimed magical XX1...
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    XX1 and XX compatibility

    Hello All, got a tech question regarding interchangability of equipment. Many of you know of XX1 groupset release by now which i think is a fantastic idea finally making a dedicated 1x groupset, however the dinner plate sized rear cassette (42t) has me baffled. I currently run a 11x34...
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    Item: Formula R1 Brake Set - Gloss Black and with Gold Ano - 2010 Location: Launceston, Tas Item Condition: Excellent Hose Lengths: 1400mm rear, 720mm front Reason for selling: Trying out the new XT brake set Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Brakes came on my Commencal...
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    When to replace a DH helmet.

    Hello All, I have recently had a bingle on my DH bike, speared into an embankment and broke my collar bone. Confident my head smacked the ground, but upon inspection (1 month later) of my DH helmet it appears unscathed from the accident. I understand most will advise a new lid, but im...
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    Item: 2009 Boxxer World Cup Location: Launceston Item Condition: Good, light scratches on spring stanchion (shuttle damage :mad:) but does not effect performance, the included air leg has a knick in it as shown in photos. Reason for selling: upgrade :-/ Price and price conditions: SOLD...
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    Item: Dt Swiss XR1450 Wheelset Location: Launceston Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: 15mm front on the new bike :-/ Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Wheelset is about 3 months old, in excellent condition! C-lock rotors, QR front and rear. Pictures: Wheels are as...
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    Item: Transition TransAM Location: Launceston Item Condition: Excellent, very few offroad kilometers, was used as an over glorified commuter! Reason for selling: needs a new home Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Selling the bike as it stands, however not with a wheelset...
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    TAS Sold

    Item: Fox 120 RL 2009 Location: Launceston Item Condition: Perfect Internals, freshly serviced. Minor scuffs to the lowers. Reason for selling: bike split :-/ Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Black colour, Standard QR axle (9mm), 185mm steerer tube length. Pictures: pm for...
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    TAS Sold

    Item: Sinister Splinter ER (medium), Hope Headset, Hope QR Seat Clamp, 2010 RP23 BV High Volume (2.5" stroke) Location: Launceston, Tas Item Condition: Good condition. The Frame is anodized blue so there are no chips or major scratches in the frame. Its looking pretty dusty but will clean...
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    Item: Avid Juicy 7's (1.35m rear, 0.85m front) Location: Launceston, Tas Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: bike split :-/ Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: If you buy a rotor(s) (with free adaptor(s)) postage is free! otherwise $10 express Pictures: yup!
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    Please Remove

    Please Remove
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    TAS Sold

    Item: Avid Juicy 7 09 model Location: Launceston, Tas Item Condition: Rear brake is in good condition, bit of play in the bushing on the lever however working excellently. Front brake is in pretty ordinary condition, front lever is fairly loose, has had a tough life. However, both brakes work...
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    Avid Code or Code R 2011

    Was looking at a new set of brakes for the downhill bike, been looking around and have found some pretty promising info on the new code line up! Was wondering if anyone is riding the 2011 gear and what's there opinion? I understand the 2010 had a few issues with stopping power etc, however i...
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    TAS Fox 32 Lowers, QR15 (White preferable)

    Item: Fox 32 Lowers, QR15 White preferable (suit 2009 internals) Location: Tas, however will pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: shoot me some offers! Extra Info: I currently have a standard QR version and am looking for a QR15, im willing to trade or buy outright. Hoping somone has a...
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    DH Goggles Information

    Hello All, I have recently kicked off my endeavour into DH riding and am now at the stage where i would like to get a set of goggles. I have looked around a bit, tried some on and now im after some feedback from people who potentially live inside there goggles and swear by them! Local to me...
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    Item: 09 Scott Scale 40 Alu Frame, Medium Size, Black Location: Launceston, Tas Item Condition: Excellent, few scuffs on the top tube but purley cosmetic, has been sitting around for the last 8 months doing nothing! Reason for selling: Bought brand new, ridden for 6 months (stock) then...
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    Sinister Splinter ER XC

    Hello All, Thought i would post up some information on my finally completed sinister splinter! This has been a pet project for a while, slowly procuring all the parts, it finally went together the other day so i'm very keen to hit the trails this weekend and see what she is capable off...
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    Wheels wheels wheels!

    Hello All, I'm wanting to get a new set of wheels, upgrading from my stock scott/shimano hubs on alex 44 rim combo. The hubs in these wheels are driving me nuts! so I'm wanting to up to cartridge bearings, as well as shave a few grams of the weight! intended use is for XC, i tend to ride...
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    Sinister Splinter ER XC Drive train choice

    Hello All, I have been slowly building up a Sinister Splinter ER XC frame over the past few weeks, but i don't know what to do with the drive train. Currently spec is: Frame: Sinister Splinter ER XC Rear Shock: 5th Element (stock) Front Forks: Fox 32RL 100 HeadSet: Hope...