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  1. treble

    Recommend me a good rolling CX tyre

    More of a gravel tire, but I'm running a set of Maxxis Ramblers on mine. lots of grip but roll very nicely
  2. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set

    magura mt5?I looked at those. aren't they all plastic? possibly not 'durable' enough for my style of riding/crashing
  3. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set

    Thanks mate, Had a read of his post. looks like they might need a lever rebuild. In that case I may as well just rebuild one of the newer sets of Sram brakes in the drawer suffering from similar issues. All yours if you can use the spares
  4. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set

    what group did you see these on? Haven't been able to spot them
  5. treble

    VIC FS/Swap: Cheap Road/MTB Commuter (Sz M/L)

    Sorry mate, didn't see this reply. Thanks for the offer but the bike is all black, yellow may stand out a bit much. Update: I'd be happy to let it the bike go for free to someone who will use it. I used it for a little while on a stationary trainer, could be a good Zwift bike for someone who...
  6. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set

    Don't have bookface, might have to see if I can get on the wife's account.
  7. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set

    Item: Set of brakes to suit DH bike - prefer 4 pot, Something other than SRAM/Avid (have plenty of spare sets already, looking to try something new). Location: Melbourne - happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Negotiable, Less than I would have to pay for some cheap newies Extra Info...
  8. treble

    VIC FS/Swap: Cheap Road/MTB Commuter (Sz M/L)

    Item: Commuter Bike Medium/Large Location: Ringwood, Vic Item Condition: Used. Good Condition Reason for selling: No Need Price and price conditions: $100 or Swap (see below) Extra Info: I put this bike together as a cheap commuter a few years ago when I was studying so I wouldn't have to chain...
  9. treble

    Moving to Canada for 12 months - what to take???

    I lived in Whistler/Vancouver for a little while a few years ago. Took my bike from Aus with me, and was glad I did once I had wandered around a few bike shops. Prices were similar to here, but factor in exchange rate and taxes and I was far better off. If you would prefer to take a bit extra...
  10. treble

    Whistler questions

    +1 for El Furniture, ate many meals there. Good for dinner too if you can get a table.
  11. treble

    Whistler questions

    Been there a couple of times, lived there for a season a few years ago too. If you are going in May, that is early season. Depending on the weather, they my only have the Fitzsimmons zone open. This isn't a huge bummer as most of the popular trails (A-line, Dirt Merchant, ect) are in this zone...
  12. treble

    Canyon Torque too much or Spectral too little?

    I have a Commencal Meta 4.2 and my brother in-law recently bought a new spectral. Although my bike is longer travel, they feel pretty similar to ride. I'm actually really impressed with the spectral. Unless you are riding big downhill stuff all the time the Torque would probably leave you a bit...
  13. treble

    Eagle Derailleur Setup

    Sorted. Pulled everything apart and started again. Think it may have been a cable routing issue. Thanks lads!
  14. treble

    Eagle Derailleur Setup

    All good. - Yes, Definitely 12 speed - Yes - Yes, Can manually move derailleur into right spot, can even use the small amount of play in the shifter past 12th gear to ghost shift it into the right spot, but yes limit is all the way out.
  15. treble

    Eagle Derailleur Setup

    I recently managed to bend my 10 ride old GX Eagle derailleur on a shuttle trailer in Bright. Oops, remember to check your derailleur clearance on upright racks kiddos. It wasn't completely toast, still shifted OK. But I'm heading to NZ soon and I don't want to deal with maintenance issues, so...
  16. treble

    Eagle derailleur - something not right

    Cleaning/setting up the bike last night and I noticed the the derailleur wasn’t running 100%. Started pulling it apart and I noticed the chain was rubbing on the inner cage arm and it looks a bit bent. But I have no reference to know for sure. Can anyone with gx eagle confirm if it’s stuffed or...
  17. treble


    Item: 2017 Polygon Siskiu D8 size Large Location: Blackburn, Vic Item Condition: Bought in October 2017 and only saw a couple months of use. Great Condition. Reason for selling: Looking for something with more travel. Price and price conditions:$1600 Extra Info: 27.5 with 120mm of suspension...
  18. treble

    Good Wheel Builders

    I got some built by Astroboyracer in Melbourne. Was really happy with them, he did a great job
  19. treble

    Buying a canyon. Hidden fees

    Looking seriously at a new Canyon, had a look at their website regarding GST and Duty and found this: "Our prices include statutory VAT (GST), but are net of shipping costs. Prices in non-EU countries (excluding Australia and New Zealand) do not include VAT (GST). Any customs duties and similar...
  20. treble

    Metric Shock Sizing, Do really need it in my life?

    Rockshox Super deluxe with a "rocker link mounted bearing system"