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  1. BM Epic

    Chris King Hubs

    I am days away from maybe purchasing a chris king rear hub, what i want is to know anybody who has used them, reliabilty, performance and longevity?..i dont want an opinion of any other brand, just want your opinion if you have used them or know of somebody who has, price i know is up there but...
  2. BM Epic

    2011 Stumpjumper Evo

    This is the first time i have been able to take a decent photo of this bike, i have modified the bike itself a fair bit from standard making it a much better ride. Modifications: Fox 36 talas fork with fit cartridge and kashima coat :Thomson 50 mm stem...
  3. BM Epic

    Avid Elixir Bleeding

    I have recently got myself some goodridge brake lines to suit my avid elixir cr/sl's, i was about to go headlong into installing them and buying the bleed kit, when a friend from an lbs told me that they were very finicky and a bit of an art form, now i have had massive experience with bleeding...
  4. BM Epic

    XO / X9 shifters, what difference?

    Ok, so i am thinking of going from X9 shifters to XO shifters, i have 2011 X9 at the moment, what i want to know is, what performance gains are to be made with the XO, i know they are lighter, but i couldn't care less about weight, is there any difference mechanically between the two?, if there...
  5. BM Epic

    2011 Stumpjumper Evo

    My new Evo Fox front Fox rp23/s rear Sram x0/ x9 Sram carbon cranks Xtr pedals( non standard) NEW PHOTOS up on page 3
  6. BM Epic

    Big Thanks to Schacksta!

    I know i am probably putting this in the wrong section, but i know Schacksta lurks around xc, so here goes! Saturday myself and mate were riding Long Angle in the mountains, i got a flat on tubeless which was no problem except the spare was schrader valved, this was a problem requiring a walk...
  7. BM Epic

    The NRL Disgrace

    Watching 2 teams from the western suburbs of sydney contest a grand final, and when one team loses decides that brutality and thugishness will win the day! I wonder when the NRL will one day wake up and get serious about there sport, besides there attitude towards females, now they have...
  8. BM Epic

    Rotorburn Running Slowly

    I have noticed since monday on the start of the worlds Rotorburn has been running very sluggishly, i have 1500 speed and have checked a heap of other websites to see if it was anything else, Rotorburn is the only one running extremely slow, it's hit and miss whether the front page loads, is this...
  9. BM Epic

    The "turgid" Stable

    My 05 Specialized epic-bit of xtr, bit of xt and stuff! My daughters 07 Scott Scale-lot of xt stuff etc! My wifes Norco bushpilot- stock shimano gear with rock shox dart 3's, and a jet black sticker!
  10. BM Epic

    Blue Gum Swamp/Your Fastest Lap!

    Anybody want to take up there own personal challenge, it's not for overall fastest, just your personal best! The lap starts at the top gate(whitecross road), and ends at the intersection where the sign for blue gum swamp and shaw's ridge is!..the lap is app:9km Post up your personal best times...
  11. BM Epic

    Helmet Light/Hid Technologies?

    I am just about to make a purchase of a helmet light, i have narrowed it down to a hid technologies lumn8r quad, it has 1000 lumens and i will be getting the lithium polymer 4400 battery with it. Before i make the comittment i would like anybodies opinion on this light, if they either own one...
  12. BM Epic

    JP becomes a 2nd time father!

    Congratulations must go out to JP and his wife for having a baby girl, her name is Seda, and mother and baby are doing just great! So congratulations John-Paul and Beth from all the Blue Mountains "turgid" gang for a job well done, i will be ringing to pass on my congratulations and find out...
  13. BM Epic

    Blue Mountains "turgid" Riders Thread 10

    Well by popular demand(2 people anyhow), a name change is in order, considering that most of our rides are daytime!...We are doing a Prince and it is the thread formerly known as!:) I suppose a starting ride is in order... Monday...Glenbrook Time...9am the carpark opposite...
  14. BM Epic

    Moggio's Birthday

    Happy birthday for tomorrow M! Hope it's a pedally day for you! See you soon!:):):):):)
  15. BM Epic

    Yellowmundee/Tuesday Night/2nd Dec

    Any takers for a couple of night laps around yellowmundee to get in some night practice for the 4hour on saturday arvo/night? 1 forward lap and 1 reverse lap. Kick off at 7.45 meet in the carpark! Farkers in so far: BM Epic,mtbasn,JP, Maybes timjwhite,moggio
  16. BM Epic

    Bluw Mountains/Grose Head South-night ride!

    Where-Grose Head South,Will meet at winmalee general store/servo,in the car park. When-Saturday Night,6th of september. Time-Will meet at 7pm in the car park! Grose Head South is a firetrail mixed with single track,there are some good little pinch climbs,with some water bars for the...
  17. BM Epic

    Winmalee/Night Ride-31st May

    Date-31st May Time-6.30pm-7pm start Place-Meet at Winmalee shops Between above time. Hawkesbury rd. and Lee rd. Winmalee-at the car park of general store/servo. The ride will take app: 2 1/2 hours with rest stops etc,it will be casual pace,there is about 1 and a half klm of single track...
  18. BM Epic

    Winmalee/Blue Mountains-30th March

    Planning on 30th of march,ride of Grose Head South. Start time app:8am Where:meet at winmalee service station/general store,Hawkesbury Rd, Winmalee. Corner of Hawkesbury and Lee roads! Length:approximately 21 km's Difficulty:Technical singletrack,fire road,lookout,some short pinch hills,big...
  19. BM Epic

    Wine Buff's

    Any Wine buff's out there?,what have you got and what are you planning on getting? Do you have a cellar,wine cabinet,or just simple racking? Do you prefer red or white? What is the best wine you have consumed? I myself have a 110 bottle collection at this point in time,and growing. I...
  20. BM Epic

    05 Epic

    Thought i may as well post it before i wreck it! 05 Specialized Epic Rock Shox Revelation 130-85 coil spring XTR rear derailleur XTR front derailleur XT crankset XT cassette XTR chain XTR clipless pedals XT hydro brakes with metallic pads XTR rapid fire shifters Easton EA30 wide bar...