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  1. spoony

    Photoshop, Airbags and Scammers

    So basically heres where it's at My friend bought a set of airbags for his car of eBay and delivery has taken much longer than expected and he is beginning to wonder if he was scammed. He has a copy of the receipt and its been almost blocked out but it remains a little but see through. If...
  2. spoony

    VIC 2008 NS Fundamental Rigid Forks QR sold

    Will post aus wide at buyers expense Item: 2008 NS Fundamental Rigid Forks QR Location: Vicoria, 3782 Item Condition: Practically new, mounted for about a month, Ridden maybe once or twice. Reason for selling: Pikes Price and price conditions: $100? offers Extra Info: Steerer tube is...
  3. spoony

    Maxle help, loose

    I bought a Maxle today for my pikes after ALOT of sorting around trying to fine one. Got home, jumped on Rockshox website to have a squize at the manual (I have destroyed to many parts just trying to wing it). Chucked it in, things seemed to go alright but then I noticed on the end where the...
  4. spoony

    VIC FOUND Urgent Maxle for Pikes

    Item: Maxle to suit 327 Pikes Location: Victoria metro or east / south east Price range/Willing to Pay: Whatever it takes (within reason) I'm not going to haggle to hard for it Extra Info: Need it before this weekend, condition doesn't matter as long as it is fully functional
  5. spoony


    Item: 2006 DMR Sidekick frame Location: Yarra Valley, Victoria Item Condition: Good, few scratches, no dents Reason for selling: Moola, and a dually Price and price conditions: $250 or best offer Extra Info: Has Chain guide mounts, will be sold with headset, BB and spindle. This will be...
  6. spoony

    VIC sold DMR, Hayes, Raceface, Marzocchi, all must go

    Everything Will Sell:eek:, Nothing Will Be Left Behind:eek:, It Will Be Given Away In The End:eek::eek:, Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For A Deal On Multiple Items I Just Need To Get Rid Of This Stuff. Item: Bits and pieces that I seem to have collected over the past year Location: 3782...
  7. spoony

    Gaps from hub to forks, help please

    Ok so here's the deal. Got some pikes for my bike (327). My old forks were QR so I bought a new hub today (Tuff Neck) and I ordered a Maxle today aswell, so I held the hub up to the forks and saw this There is quite a large amount of space between the forks and the edges of the hub, Quite a...
  8. spoony

    New here just saying hi

    Hi everyone, My names Heath I'm 16 and I live in Victoria and ride street-ish on a SS NS Bitch (white). Used to ride downhill but couldn't keep up the dollars or the time so i got myself a hardtail and now I just ride with mates and stuff and had a good time. I am not good at all at...