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  1. treble

    VIC WTB: DH Suitable Brake-set - FOUND

    Item: Set of brakes to suit DH bike - prefer 4 pot, Something other than SRAM/Avid (have plenty of spare sets already, looking to try something new). Location: Melbourne - happy to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Negotiable, Less than I would have to pay for some cheap newies Extra Info...
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    VIC FS/Swap: Cheap Road/MTB Commuter (Sz M/L)

    Item: Commuter Bike Medium/Large Location: Ringwood, Vic Item Condition: Used. Good Condition Reason for selling: No Need Price and price conditions: $100 or Swap (see below) Extra Info: I put this bike together as a cheap commuter a few years ago when I was studying so I wouldn't have to chain...
  3. treble

    Eagle Derailleur Setup

    I recently managed to bend my 10 ride old GX Eagle derailleur on a shuttle trailer in Bright. Oops, remember to check your derailleur clearance on upright racks kiddos. It wasn't completely toast, still shifted OK. But I'm heading to NZ soon and I don't want to deal with maintenance issues, so...
  4. treble

    Eagle derailleur - something not right

    Cleaning/setting up the bike last night and I noticed the the derailleur wasn’t running 100%. Started pulling it apart and I noticed the chain was rubbing on the inner cage arm and it looks a bit bent. But I have no reference to know for sure. Can anyone with gx eagle confirm if it’s stuffed or...
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    Item: 2017 Polygon Siskiu D8 size Large Location: Blackburn, Vic Item Condition: Bought in October 2017 and only saw a couple months of use. Great Condition. Reason for selling: Looking for something with more travel. Price and price conditions:$1600 Extra Info: 27.5 with 120mm of suspension...
  6. treble

    Metric Shock Sizing, Do really need it in my life?

    Looking at two potential new bikes. Both very similar, one comes in metric shock sizing, the other in the old standard. Thing is, I prefer the non-metric model and I keep my bikes for quite a few years. Would I be missing out on life changing improvements by not adopting this new standard? Or...
  7. treble

    Whats in a degree?

    Lately I've been looking at a few different new bikes to see what is out there. Im looking in the Enduro 160mm/170mm category and the new Canyon Strive looks amazing, especially for the spec you get for the price. My only issue is that is has a 66 degree head angle, where everything else I've...
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    VIC Sold

    SOLD - 10 char
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    Shifting problems

    Im trying to set up the derailleur on my hardtail and running into a strange issue When shifted into the larger half of the cassette gears, the chain is entering the derailleur to far outboard (away from the wheel), meaning every time a link goes through the lower pulley, the pulley has to...
  10. treble

    Tape for Flow MK3's

    Im trying to mount a fresh set of Stans Flow MK3's. The Stan's website claims I need to use 30mm wide tape, but I cant seem to find any locally. I gorilla tape was popular, but now that masters is gone I don't know where you buy it. Anyone got a suggestion? I just need to tape one bloody...
  11. treble

    Fork steerer 'correct' length?

    Possibly a silly question, but: Recently I treated myself to a brand new fork from our online friends in Germany. I'm now faced with the task of cutting the steerer down to size, a dilemma I have never faced before, as I've only bought second hand until now. I need around 170mm/175mm...
  12. treble

    wheel builder recommendations

    I'm looking to get a set of wheels built, any recommendations for shops that build them well? Preferably not to far drive from Melbourne's south eastern suburbs, and preferably someone who won't mind building with rims and hubs I've picked up online when I spotted them cheap.
  13. treble

    Question for the fork tuning gurus

    I'm wondering if anyone familiar with fox fork tuning can help me out. I have a 2014 Fox 36 Talas 180 FIT RC2. Having recently established I can upgrade to something newer, I would like to try and use this fork on my hardtail, which is currently sitting fork-less. I'd like to convert the...
  14. treble

    Wheel / Fork compatibility

    This may have been covered before, but I searched and couldn't find anything. So, I currently have a 26" wheeled bike, I like my 26" wheeled bike. I have no real problem with 27.5" bikes, I'm sure i'll own one some day, but for now, I'm quite happy on 26" wheels. However, I would like a new...
  15. treble

    Zip Pay?

    Browsing online stores like MTB's Direct and Pushy's lately (and some non mtb ones) I'm noticing more and more of them are offering services like Zip Pay. They look like a good deal, So long as you pay in the required time. Shop now, pay over a few weeks and pay no extra. Anyone used any of...
  16. treble

    VIC Specialized Dissident Carbon Helmet (Large) SOLD

    Item: Specialized Dissident carbon full face helmet - Large Location: Burwood, Vic Item Condition: As new - Second Hand but in new condition. Reason for selling: Wrong size Price and price conditions: $200 (rock solid) Extra Info: My mate bought this helmet on a whim from a...
  17. treble

    WTB: 35mm QR Seat Clamp FOUND

    Item: A decent quality 35mm QR Seat Post Clamp (Hope, Chromag, ect) Location: SE Victoria - Will pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Up to around $50 for the right item Extra Info: Just need a good quality QR seat post clamp. stupidly sold my dropper post, need a reliable way of putting...
  18. treble

    Chromoly frames and corrosion

    I pulled the seat post out of my frame today (Ragley Blue Pig) and I noticed there is surface rust inside the seat tube. Its probably from washing the bike. Ordinarily i would just give it a sand and spray some paint on it, but then the post wouldn't fit in. Im new to chromoly frames, it this...
  19. treble

    WTB: 180mm Shimano Post mount adaptor

    Item: 180mm post mount adaptor for Shimano xt's Location: Melb, will pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: a reasonable amount Extra Info: let me what you have, Thanks!
  20. treble

    Polygon Cozmic - Carbon 26" (SOLD)

    Item: 2012 Polygon Cozmic Frame and Fox Float 100mm Fork Location: Melbourne - Can post Item Condition: Excellent, small scratches from transporting the bike in the car (see photos), some small cable rubs otherwise great. Reason for selling: Building a trail bike Price and price...