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  1. single-pivot

    Avalanche open bath fork upgrade

    Hey all . So I've a lyrik 170 mm travel rct3 solo air . I'm looking to upgrade to the avalanche damper kit . has any done this conversion ? What'd you think ? Then there's the new lyrik damper kit I could install has any one tried that ? Cheers Steve
  2. single-pivot

    Go Sam Hill what a pinner

    So stoked to see him in ews rounds . foot out flat out . When every one else ( clipped in riders ) where hanging both feet off pedals sitting on seats . He's one foot out flat out What a good job winning first two rounds .
  3. single-pivot

    Running shorter cranks ?

    Well I've run 175 long cranks for as long as I can remember on my mnt bike's . But lately I've been questioning why I do . So I'm 6ft 2 and thought that would be why . But not sure if it's the low bottom bracket on bike's but I'm constantly getting pedal strike . Either going down hill and...
  4. single-pivot

    Xfusion hlr coil shock . awsomeness

    So i just bought one of these shocks and I'm so impressed with its performance . Yet they seem to fly under the radar of radness Any one else think the same ? They are light , easy to set up and never feel over whelmed . As previously used fox floatx2 canecreek dbil coil both were so...
  5. single-pivot

    what would rocket man ride ? why a cotic rocket of course

    New steed ordered XL cotic rocket with cane creek dbil coil Build is from my current liteville 301 Lyrik 170 mm syntace w35 wheels sram drive train hope tekv4 brakes All up if i convert current wheels to tubeless I'll be same weight as current ride ( liteville 301frame in 4 sale page...
  6. single-pivot

    monarch plus m/m tune change to m/L3 tune

    Hey has any one performed a shock tune change on a rockshox monarch plus , from M/M to M/L3 ? As performed the task themselves? And what is an L3 tune ?
  7. single-pivot

    Fox Floa sold

    Item fox float X2 200x57 update air can by cyclinic . Condition excellent Reason for sale Changing to coil shock Price $ 600 Conditions waiting for delivery coilshock so available 3-4 weeks Pics Yes
  8. single-pivot

    cotic rocket / Starling swoop

    Hey all anyone have any experience with cotic rocket bikes ? This and starling swoop is appealing to my visual senses.
  9. single-pivot

    Avalanche Suspension

    Has any one had there shock tuned by avalanche in the US ? thinking about sending my shock to be worked over
  10. single-pivot

    shock tune / set up

    Hi peeps trying to dial my shock in .its fox float x2 double barrel. I've got it almost sorted but iam struggling on larger rock gardens, it's unable to cope, and starts feeling overwhelmed. I thought it was HSC but tried adjustment still same . Any suggestions and whats people's...
  11. single-pivot

    modified coil rear shock?

    Hey has any one shortend coil shock before ? saw one for sale once Wondering if its viable resone for there are always cheap fox coil shock 4 sale in the 216 x 63 sizes . Looking to go 200x57 cheers
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    Item xo trail 9 trail brakes Condition xo trail need new lever seal kit otherwise good cond 9 trail needs rear olive and bleed otherwise good cond pads good one new set also Reason for sale Hope s Price $200 the lot pair xo trail pair 9 trail Location Tas...
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    Item 26 x2.5 maxxis minnion dhf exo new. Condition new unused Reason for sale running 27.5 now Location Tas Price Rare as hens teeth $60 plus post Axtra info these are light for big tyre and more than one available
  14. single-pivot

    re fox float x2 recall

    Has anyone heard any updates mine is getting dusty on the shelf.? Would be nice to be told something.
  15. single-pivot

    lbs can't bleed brakes . moan

    Ok am i alone in this delema take one hope tech 3 v4 rear brake i am on to second lbs and sure enough pay money and lever goes all the way in and bottoms out plunger . Is it to much to ask .
  16. single-pivot

    possible maniscus tear in knee

    Hi all after falling of my bike 2 weeks ago after crossing a slipery creekbed and ended up doing splits. After rice it for a bit. what i thought was a tendon tear might be a maniscus damage . booked in for mri in a week . to see whats happening and what damage there is Any one have...
  17. single-pivot

    gps, hr data watches

    Interested in heart rate , speed ( most important ) data watches. There are so many getting confused. Anyone have a fave they could recommend cheers
  18. single-pivot

    shimano zee sold

    Item set shimano zee brakes Condition newish pads as new Reason 4 sale hopes Price $250 +post ono Location Tas Pics sòon
  19. single-pivot

    brakes sram db5 sold

    Item sram db5 near ,as new condition location Tas reason 4 sale surplus price $100 + post pics yep
  20. single-pivot

    hope brakes ?

    Hey anyone running set hope brakes newer models, twin pots ? If so interested to hear your thoughts,