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  1. Belhamel

    Kurri Kurri

    Hi, looked at Strava and it seems there are some trails out at Kurri? Anyone ride them or have some info? I am just getting into MTB riding, so looking for something in the Maitland area. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Belhamel

    Maitland / Ashtonfield

    Hi everyone. Just started riding. Saw guys going into the back of Heritage garden nursery on mtb's so thought I'd check it out. Low and behold, i found some tracks. I've only gone twice, but as a newby loved it. Only thing is, someone told me it is private property and they actively persue...
  3. Belhamel

    Newbie upgrades advice

    I know there is a lot of opinions about brand names etc., but how do I know what is 'good'. How do i know what i have is good or what to look for. I'm talking drivetrain, forks and brakes. I'm riding trails at the moment and am going to start doing XC soon. I hope this is detailed enough.
  4. Belhamel

    CELL Bikes

    Hi everyone. I'm gonna share my story/experience with CELL bikes. On this forum a lot of people are asking out about BEGINNER bikes our TIGHT BUDGETS. A lot of these threads goes nowhere and one of the reasons it seems to me is peoples def of BUDGET. I wanted to give MTB a go after my knee...
  5. Belhamel

    Killingworth 3hr "Enduro" - First timer

    Hey everyone. First time posting. I have never raced before, but started trail riding at Glenrock about 2 months ago AND FARKIN LOVE IT!!! (Sorry, don't know if bad puns are allowed!) I am going to give the 3hr race at Killingworth a go, since i emailed the club and they reckon its a stress free...