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  1. kiwiinmelb

    Wheel upgrade advice

    Hi , have a Nukeproof Mega 290 2020 , the top spec alloy model , looking at a wheel upgrade straight away as part of the plan Im looking at these around my budget Hope Fortus 30$686 Spank 350 Boost $636 Spank 350 Vibrocore Boost $619 Dont have any experience with any,the hopes seem to be...
  2. kiwiinmelb

    XT vs guide RS

    Updating a bike , new bike has a better alround spec , Only point of contention being the brakes , older bike has Deore XT ( one year old ) new bike has sram guide RS ( I’ve never owned a bike with them ) My bike mechanic said ( not from the shop selling the bike ) Swap them over , keep the XT...
  3. kiwiinmelb

    accommodation advice Bright

    Looking to spend a few week days in Bright, Mon - Friday , early december , and im not too familiar with the trail set up , Just me and the missus , with myself going out for early morning rides while she sleeps /chills , and then spending the arvo and night with her , I liked the look of...
  4. kiwiinmelb

    sunrace 11-50 cassette

    Understand these are fairly new, but not sure how new . Anyone had any experience ?
  5. kiwiinmelb

    2017 remedy 9 or 2018 remedy 8 ?

    Thinking of upgrading my 2016 remedy 9 , And have the choice of these two bikes , From what I can gather same geometry, spec levels vary , 2017 about $600 cheaper , I guess the important part , which one is the better bike ? Thought there might be some remedy fans here that may...
  6. kiwiinmelb

    Garmin 500 vs Strava/ Runtastic

    Hi , just curious about something, Ive always used my iphone , either Strava or runtastic to record my rides, just like to see my kms against time , I was given a Garmin 500 as a present , used it for the first time yesterday on my local trail , and I suspected it was recording the...
  7. kiwiinmelb

    After some Stem advice

    Hi, After a bit of advice with stem set up if poss If I was to go from a 70mm stem 0 degree rise to a 70mm stem with a 25 degree rise , How much closer does that bring the bars , is it just a marginal thing or is it so significant I should go the 80mm stem to keep the reach feel similar...
  8. kiwiinmelb

    Headset Bearings on Rumblefish

    Hi, Im a bit of a novice when it comes to working on bikes, need to replace headset bearings and just wanted to make sure I dont order the wrong ones on line, Have a 2012 Rumblefish Pro If anyone can steer me in...
  9. kiwiinmelb

    sizing of 29ers

    Sorry if this question has already been done to death, I am fairly new to the sport, Just a general question, in relation to the theory you hear in conversation over and over re- 29ers, 'When you get a 29er you go down a size' I hear that all the time, while i understand why in as...
  10. kiwiinmelb

    A good Flat pedal for AM riding

    Hi, Been riding just under a year, just brought a new bike , a Trek Rumblefish , Dont like the idea of riding clipless yet, feel far more comfortable with my five tens and flat pedals at this stage , Have a fairly large foot ,size 12 ,so like the idea of a bigger platform rather...
  11. kiwiinmelb


    Gday, fairly inexperiened rider , less than a year , just purchased my first 29er , a 2012 Trek Rumblefish, it has Bontrager 29-3, Team TLR, 29x2.3 tyres, are these a good tyre ? Ridden it 3 times now at Lysterfield ,loving the bike , but a small issue with grip on turns which is affecting...
  12. kiwiinmelb

    Trek Superfly 100 AL

    Gday, Im in no rush , but looking for a 29er Dually sometime over the next year , somewhere around the $3,000 mark, Just a fairly new social rider , mostly lysterfield, sometimes you yangs , love the flowy singletrack type stuff , Anyway , these bikes have taken my eye , but cant seem to...
  13. kiwiinmelb

    Upgrading brakes for beginner bike

    I recently brought an entry level mtb, have been getting stuck into my riding and with the benefit of hindsight wished i had spent a bit more on a bike with better components as my first , too late for that now...
  14. kiwiinmelb

    Sizing of a Giant MTB

    Gday, Im a newbie here , just brought my first MTB today (Sat), well put a deposit on it , they order it in and I pick it up through the week Brought a Giant Talon 2 , Im 5 foot 11, or 180 cm , the guy that served me looked up a chart and said medium is your size, now..... i have since...