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    Fox rip off's.

    Just a quick one. Has anyone bought any of those copy Fox jerseys off Ebay? Between $10-$20! Stop it. After some size/fit/quality feedback. Cheers! ://

    Deniliquin Trails.

    Evening! We have a family holiday next year in Deniliquin. Any trails close by? Worth bringing the Sight?? Cheers!

    Turbine dropper lever.

    Hey guys! Are the Turbine dropper levers compatible with those neat Rock Shox mounting brackets/jobbies?? Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk

    VIC Rock Shox shock pump.

    Looking for a Rock Shox shock pump. Not keen on paying the online whack of $50. Cheers!

    Under 6ft on an XL.

    Morning, been a while! Hope everyone is well. What are people's thoughts on riding an XL framed bike, but being under 6ft? Would banging on a short stem and pushing the saddle forward a little cut it? Or just too big? Cheers!

    Renmark, SA.

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I'm off on a family holiday to Renmark, South Australia, next April, and was wondering if I should bring the bike. Any decent trails in the area? If anyone local wants to lead a ride, I'm more than happy to pay with beer! Cheers!

    Handlebar shims.

    Nice quick one for everyone. Handlebar shims, yay or nay? Are they safe?? Cheers.

    Sticky Reverb.

    Hey, guys! So my Reverb button has become sticky and won't return to the start position, and when you sit on the saddle it drops about a cm. Anyone got some feedback on this? Back to the shop, or fix it at home? I've only had the bike since December, so surely it's a warranty issue if it's...

    Cane Creek.

    Just thinking out loud here, but.... What would be an equivalent or good replacement for a DB Inline? I have one on my Sight, and to be honest, it's a pain in the arse. It's kind of like having a woman on the back of your bike- "good if you can work them out" I'm definitely going to stick with...
  10. PLUGGA

    Sight C7.2

    Soooo, a few weeks back i was asking for feedback on a Stumpy 29er, nek minute, bought this! I've come off a 2011 Cube Stereo and honestly can't believe how much better the Norco rides. Technology has obviously come a long way, because this thing fu@ken rips! It does EVERYTHING better. Think...
  11. PLUGGA

    29&27.5 trail bike for 5k?

    Hey guys, been a while! I'm snapping up a new bike next year as a reward to myself for my long service at work. So, I've narrowed it down to 2 bikes. With a budget of 5k, that will dictate model/build. Optic 29 & Stumpy 29. Both 2017. Anyone have feedback on either bike? Cheers guys, bring on...
  12. PLUGGA

    Bike carrier

    Just a quickie. What are people's thoughts on this?
  13. PLUGGA

    Home extensions.

    We're looking at the possibility of extending our home as we have another tin lid on the way, and are out of room. So im looking for any info/feedback on the whole process, whether to go a big company (Extension factory etc) or a smaller builder, and any recommendations on who to use in the...
  14. PLUGGA

    New XT Trails.

    Thought this was interesting. I'm in the market for a new set and was sniffing around these. Check out the reviews....not now! Anyone got a set and think otherwise...
  15. PLUGGA

    Ad blocker

    Morning! Can anyone recommend a good ad blocker for Android mobile? I'm on a HTC one m8, if it helps. Cheers.
  16. PLUGGA

    Revelation RLT air top cap.

    So I've lost the air top cap off my Revelations, spewing! Can anyone steer me in the right direction for a replacement? Did a search, but I can't seem to find them as a single piece, as they're always a part of a service kit. Any info would be awesome. Cheers!
  17. PLUGGA

    Wanted to swap Fat Bar Lites.

    PICS-Horrible, but yep. ITEM-Want to swap my Fat Bar Lite 20mm rise, for your Fat Bar Lite 30mm rise. LOC-Sunbury, Vic. ITEM COND-Perfect, as new. PRICE&COND-Swapsies! EXTRA INFO-730mm Can get better pics upon request.
  18. PLUGGA

    Commuter tyres

    Hey dudes! I recently bought a sweet Norco commuter, but the tyres are garbage. So, looking for recommendations on fast rolling 38c or 40c tyres. Was sniffing around Maxxis Gypsies & Roamers, but would love to get thoughts on any others. Cheers! (I DID do a search, but got nada. Sorry if this is...
  19. PLUGGA

    EBay/Chinese carbon bars

    What are people's thoughts on these for a commuter? Surely there wouldn't be enough force being put on them to warrant worrying about breakage?
  20. PLUGGA

    VIC Sold, please delete.

    ITEM- 54cm Custom Fix Cycles, Stealth Fixie. LOC- Sunbury. ITEM COND- Excellent, as new. REASON FOR SELLING- Too small, and I want gears! PRICE- $250, but I want it gone, so make an offer! (Was $360 New) EXTRA INFO- ODI X-Trainer grips, spaced out to 630mm. Kenda tyres, Lasco cranks, deep V...