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    Mavic Wheels? Reliable?

    I need a new back wheel and notice that pushys have some big discounts on mavic wheels (XA elites). Everything I've heard about them in the past was that they were unreliable and full of proprietary parts and hard to get spares for. However, I've had a set of crossroc wheels on my commuter for...
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    New tyre size

    So on the weekend I put some spare tyres on a bike I'm looking to sell and went for a ride. They were 2.2 mountain kings, but they come up more like 2.1's. It was a lot of fun trying to corner at the same speed as I would on minions. So much so that after this ride I have come up with a new tyre...
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    Large Volume Spacer for CTD Float

    I'm after a large volume spacer for a CTD float shock. The largest size would be preferred but the next size down would also be good.
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    Is my shock broken?

    I recently bought one of these for my trance to replace the basic shock that came with it. The shock is generally an improvement over my old one, but there's two potential issues with it. It...
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    Mtb near Grafton

    Are there any rotorburners in Grafton? It looks like I will be moving there next year with work and looking for feedback on riding in the area. From what I have seen, there's a track in the Bom Bom state forest, but I haven't seen anything else. What is Bom Bom like? Any other places to ride in...
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    Dharco shorts

    Does anyone have dharco shorts? How do you find them? I thinking of getting some new shorts and these sound pretty good, especially if they're nice and cool in summer.
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    Disappointed with Pikes?

    So Pikes seem to constantly get good reviews and they seem to be the go-to fork for performance these days. Has anyone bought one and actually been disappointed with the performance? I'm tossing up whether to sell my x-fusion sweeps and replace them with pikes. The sweep is pretty good so the...
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    NSW SOLD Fox Float 32 27.5 Evo 140mm

    SOLD Item: Fox Float 32 27.5 140mm Evolution Location: Bexley NSW Item Condition: Good. Only been used for 6 months from new. Some scratches on the lowers where they hit a rock - see photos. Have been serviced 3 times so roughly every 2 months. Have only been ridden 3 times since last...
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    X fusion Sweep or RS Revelation RCT3

    I'm keen to upgrade the fox forks (evo) that came on my trance 2 27.5. Currently looking at the x fusion sweep and the rockshox RCT3. Anyone ridden both that can compare? Even if you've ridden a Slant I'd be interested in your thoughts as its basically the same as a sweep. I've had a...
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    650b worth it?

    So I'm in the market for a new bike. Its been years since a bought a new bike and I reckon it'll be years until I'm in a position to buy another so I want something that is somewhat futureproof. With the advent of most major brands dropping 26" I'm wondering about 650b. Do people really think...
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    Avanti Torrent Sizing

    Hi, I'm looking at upgrading my bike for the first time in 8 years and need some advice on current geometry as things seem to have moved on in that time. I'm currently on a 05 Heckler (large). I've been looking at the Avanti Torrent - good prices at the moment and look to be a good solid frame...
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    Shimano/Sram 7 speed compatability

    G'day, I just replaced the 7 speed cassette, chain and middle chainring on my commuter yesterday. On the ride to the station this morning, all was going well until the chain started skipping, just as if it was a worn out chain. The cassette is sram, the chain is shimano, as is the chainring. I...