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    Ourimbah DH Build day..

    I'll be there Sunday and I'll bring an extra shovel, mattock and rake. I have a small barrow if needed.
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    Trail Closure

    Hi guys and gals. Yesterday the NSW rural fire service were conducting a rather large hazard reduction at Long Trail, near Terry Hills. There were two very clear signs announcing that the trail is closed. In the short space of 30mins, 3 groups of riders missed the signs and fortunatly...
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    Anyone riding oxy, ourimbah or awaba tomorrow ? :)
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    Hence why im trying to hook up a ride :P Im just keen to go for a spin.
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    Ill be up at Ourimbah tomorrow but ill be doing a few push runs. Just getting back into it after a little 7 month break from riding so it will be a pretty chilled session. If someone is keen ill put an extra rack and we will do some shuttles.
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    Downhill & Freeriders

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    Bike Transport (Van)

    Why not look into some of the cheaper frame holding roof top bike holders. These are usually around $150 each and will have a quick release clamp that will attach to the frame.
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    Bike Transport (Van)

    This will all come down to how easy you would like to load the bikes and your budget. The cheapest solution would be moto tie downs with solid eye bolts installed on those tracks. This would be quite time consuming but it will be cheap. I would look into using the arm off Thule's side arm...
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    Injuries, Pain, Generally outdoing yourself - and what you do to mend up

    Ahh the dreaded back pain. I suffered from this and it rears its ugly head if I dont go to the gym. Initial pain was treated with morphine, diazepam and indocid. Now I just keep doing the right back exercises and I haven't had this for while. I hope I didn't mis read the op's title but...
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    WARRINGAH COUNCIL Mountain Biking in Warringah Research and Directions - Draft

    Very happy to see this. :clap2: I do mainly ride gravity and this is a small important step towards bigger things for Sydney. As I work in a Sydney retail store that sells products to cyclists, I do know that we are experiencing significant growth year after year mainly with mtb'rs. I...
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    Thule roof rack issues

    Was this using a new fit kit? As mentioned in my previous post those pads may be damaged. Did you measure your bracket with the other car? Can you please measure the roof to the top of the plate/bracket. Please call me before you do any thing else with your car. You have our shops...
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    Thule roof rack issues

    Given the year model I would say you have Thule's rt753 or rt751 that uses a tk3018 fit kit that suits the liberty. The bolts supplied are mention to be 30mm long (shaft not total) The pads that support the rack are rubber and it is crucial to tighten on first instalation to 4nm. If...
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    I will be at oxy on monday morning. I'll probably leave around 1.
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    I've been a little busy with work :whip: I won't be there this tuesday sorry but I'm thinking of getting a ride going for next Sunday if your free. Hope your car is ok.
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    Downhill & Freeriders

    I will be at oxy tomorrow morning (weather pending) if anyone is keen to meet up.
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    There are multiple options available that should do the job. I would recommend the Thule 594xt as these are lockable, easy to use and you should be easy to adapt it to your trailer. There designed for DH bikes and they should handle off road use. There are no options that you could buy...
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    MotoGP 2011

    R i p R I P. Best wishes for the family
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    Ourimbah DH trail work 16th Oct.

    Will be there!:clap2: Do you need any extra tools? And if so, what tools? Cheers.
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    Ourimbah Downhill Round 4 Sunday 26 June RESULTS ON PAGE 2

    Woo hoo! I was up there Sunday and was amazed how dry everything was, well it's not quite dusty ;) ..... but it was certainly drier than the last club meet. Thanks to all you trail fairy folk :D , good job.
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    Ourimbah Clubby Round Two- 29/05/11

    Thanks for the shots, that last photo (photo bucket), he looks quite pleased:p Great photos.