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    Fire Warnings

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    Fire Warnings

    Look on the bright side, you get to find stuff that's been missing for ages. Seriously though, all the best with it. 10kms is not far, start preparing now.
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    Fire Warnings

    The picture in that story shows a wombat down at Tallowa dam, anyone that's been there would have seen the terrible state they have been in for years, they're all infected with mange and due to stupid bureaucracy they've been unable to be treated. They die a slow horrible death while infecting...
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    Fire Warnings

    The Fires Near Me app became not very helpful for us in the last week or so. For example the fire at the Sussex Inlet intersection that was all over the national news didn't show up for a couple of days. We used the satellite hot spot imaging from geoscience Australia. Then get wind predictions...
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    Fire Warnings

    A funny thing happened when the southerly wind blew in on one of those hot days a couple of weeks ago. The fire was pretty much directly south of us 8 or 9 kms away. When the wind kicked in and caused the fire to kick off, the smoke from the fire billowed straight up and over the top of us. We...
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    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    I was surprised at the number of firies that came through my place blaming the greens for this. One validated it saying the EPA has shut down a lot of hazard reduction because the poor city folk don't like the smoke it causes.
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    Fire Warnings

    Not going on holidays to fire threatened places like the south coast of NSW would be a good start. That's a pretty good indication of someone's concern and selfishness to me. It's been a stressful last two weeks for us, but the fire came through our place Saturday evening. Finally. It's...
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    Little Things You Hate

    Putting on the rubber boots that came with the hose and not the levers..
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    Fire Warnings

    We had one of those storms form yesterday afternoon, some thunder and a few sooty raindrops and it was gone. It's kind of cruel because it really feels like its going to really rain heavily and put the fire out.
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    Fire Warnings

    The fire has stopped about 10 kms to the west of us now, the westerly winds didn't push it as far east as predicted. I'm not sure that's good because now there's a long fire just waiting for the next westerly to turn into a wide fire front heading for us. I actually heard it during a brief...
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    Fire Warnings

    The police have just been, advising us to leave. A bit scary confirming to them that we're staying.
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    Fire Warnings

    I had the RFS knock on my door yesterday morning asking how much water I have. There's a fire heading my way, it's expected to get to my road tomorrow. But they've built containment lines along it so I suppose there's a chance it won't get to my house. Right?
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    Fire Warnings

    Knowing what we know now it does seem a bit surprising, but they're still assuming that 20m is usually enough for a containment line. The rule book will probably be tossed in the bin after this is all over.
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    What does your day look like?

    That reminds me of an afternoon I had a couple of months ago.. I saw an echidna in the middle of the road right next to a large intersection with buildings and chain link fencing all around. I thought it's no good putting him on the side of the road because there's no where to go to and he...
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    EARPHONES MEGATHREAD - All questions on earphones for riding asked and answered here

    If you go wireless don't forget a carrying strap.
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    Just watch your fingers when you smash the bricks together, it really hurts if they get caught.
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    Fire Warnings

    *hazard reduction...
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    Bargain buys thread

    I've ordered from them about 4 times, and each time has been painfully slow, even for stuff that's listed as in stock. They've always ended up delivering though, so I'll probably use them again.
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    What are you listening to NOW?

    Yeah crazy, I just saw Cosmic Pschos and You Am I were the supports for the Mudhoney show. I'd forgotten all about that, wow must have been a hellava gig!
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    Pole Bikes

    As excruciating as Pole's reply was, it's still more tactful than Zerodes reply to Levys review of the Taniwha. "BUT Mike does not know how to ride a bike!" Reviewers that can't ride, now that's a scandal.