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    Pivot 429 Trail Feedback

    Any burners riding or have ridden the new (updated) 429 Trail? What are they like to own, anything unusual popping up after a few k's?? I demoed one recently and now I think I need one - amazing pedalling, solid frame. Admittedly this was a super high end build and I would be looking at the...
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    School me on PF30 BB Options, Praxis etc

    Looking to replace the garbage creaky SRAM PF30 BB currently residing in my 2016 stumpy/camber frame. Bike has the OEM SRAM carbon cranks, basically XO without the XO label on them as far as I can tell. I've been looking at some of these 'conversion' BB's but am a bit confused by the...
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    Specialized 2017 Few interesting updates from Specialized this year. Epic hardtail, beefed up Stumpjumpers with GRID casing tyres and rockshox/Ohlins suspension on the higher end models, no more Brain shocks on the Cambers, Raceface cranks on the mid-spec models. No...
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    XT M8000 Brakes 'pumping up' on descents

    Anyone else experienced these brakes, particularly the rear brake, 'pumping up' considerably on descents? I had a demo bike for a weekend and just bought a new rig, both with the new XT m8000 brakes. On both sets the lever regularly gets solid and the bite point moves out, leading to an...
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    'Booby traps' on southern part of Canberra Centennary Trail

    Who the hell does this sort of stuff?!
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    E13 TRS+ Wheelset Experiences

    Hi RBers, I've read several glowing reviews but I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had any first-hand experience with the e13 TRS+ wheelset, specifically in 29 inch size. I just cant deal with the stock flexy rovals on my 29er enduro anymore (yea yea get smaller wheels I know). These...
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    My 2009 Pitch Pro

    Hey y'all. This is my 2009 specialized pitch pro. All stock except for a bashy and some mint flat pedals (that suit the bike awesome if i say so myself). Use it for everything, from xc, to freeriding and light DH. Only had it about a month but seems to be able to take all the abuse...