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    MTB on Sth Coast NSW (Ulladulla region)

    Mogo was fantastic. Lots of good trails but mainly XC oriented (some more enduro type of trails if you knew where to look). Woodburn is fun but very groomed, not somewhere that would keep me entertained for very long...Ulludulla similarly has some more natural rockier stuff if you know where...
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    Shortest 150mm dropper?

    The Rainier is a good post, ultra reliable, unaffected by cold weather etc, and it's ridiculously easy to service as well. I just find the return speed a touch slow and it takes a bit more effort/weight to drop it (I'm being pretty pedantic here though). The Manic is just a bit silkier in...
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    Shortest 150mm dropper?

    Interested...miss my old Manic post.
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    Shortest 150mm dropper?

    I'm in ACT and have a 150mm PNW Rainier I'd happily swap for the X fusion if the PNW is shorter (no idea whether it is or not).
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    All Mountain Tyres

    I've run both Wild AM front/Wild AM rear and Wild AM front/Force AM rear. The bike is definetely slower on the double Wild setup, not hugely so but I found it noticeable.
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    Fire Warnings

    Mogo has been decimated...the town, the trails...thankfully they managed to save the zoo.
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    All Mountain Tyres

    This is my goldilocks tyre...If I had to choose one tyre from here on, this is it.
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    27.5 is dead

    I've been riding a few 'superboost' 157mm bikes (I actually bought one). There's literally no downside to 157mm...Boost148 is something that never should have happened.
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    Pushy’s Sydney Store?

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    27.5 is dead

    Agreed, 27.5 was a way for companies to obsolete 26 without putting in the effort developing half decent 29ers (Giant). 26 and 29 are perfectly fine and serve the whole market, no need for this inbetween bullshit. Boost as well, 157mm is where its at.
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    The Manic has been the best post I've owned (several command posts, fox transfer, pnw rainier). Even better when I matched it up to the Specialized lever.
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    Those Reynolds wheels are quite good to be fair. Strong for the weight.
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    Recommend the Force AM...light and fast but still strong. The centre tread is quite shallow but not like a Minion SS or Slaughter. I find it a better all rounder than those two though, just works much better up steep climbs and under brakes. The casing is much better than EXO.
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    Tyres are killing my fun... Help bring the fun back...

    Easy as. In general, found the Michelin's to be fit quite tight on the rim compared to others, which once on makes them super easy to inflate tubeless. Mines got a few sealant spots on the sidewall now, about 650-700kms in. I only run them rear, I've paired it with the Wild AM up front. I'd...
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    Tyres are killing my fun... Help bring the fun back...

    Michelin Force AM 2.35. Casing is way stronger than any of those tyres, plus stronger than Mezcal TNT, Schwalbe Snakeskin, Specialized Control. Rolling resistance and weight is surprisingly low for the toughness on offer. Bonus is the top of the line competition ones can be had for $50 off...
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    Sold Found Maguras MT5s swap for Shimano

    Keen to see the pics, I'm in Canbrah and have a set of XTM8000.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Skip that nonsense and head straight to super booooost.
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    E-line the new French-line?

    98% of them are just grabbing a fist full of rear brake and reckon they are 'shredding'
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    Do I need more dropper travel?

    I've had Transfer and X Fusion Manic...IMO save your $$$ and get the X Fusion. It's heavy but reliable and smooth as, especially with a wolftooth remote or specialized SRL. PNW posts are well worth a look too, currently rocking the Rainier (not as silky as the X Fusion though). Or Brand X...
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    Tyre Plugs/Patching Tubeless

    I've had luck plugging holes that size and have managed at least a couple hundred k's more out of the tyre