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    armour t-shirts, any suggestions?

    I have the Leatt airfit shirt without back or chest, just shoulders. It’s great. Not hot and super comfortable. I wore it 9 days straight this year at Whistler and only washed once and it didn’t smell at all. Highly recommended.
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    The logic behind dinner plate's, 50t+ cassette's

    Smaller front ring (26 or 28t) and 9 or 10t rear with somewhere between 36 & 42t big end in the cassette = less chain, more bb clearance over logs and rocks, less weight, shorter cage rear mech. I ran capreo 9-34 and 26t front. You guys that say you can spin out 32-10 must be pedaling at 50+...
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Just on the air spring and oil topic, with solo air you can run a little oil in the upper air chamber, as the negative air equaliser is a Schrader valve that sits above the oil level. In a debonair spring if you put oil in the upper it will shortly end up in the negative air side as the...
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    Sold S Works Enduro custom build

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    Sold S Works Enduro custom build

    Price drop $1900
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    Sold S Works Enduro custom build

    Item: S Works Enduro 2012 Medium Location: Northern Beaches Sydney Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: New Bike Price and price conditions: $1900 Extra Info: It’s time to part with my custom build Enduro that has served me well. I’m a fastidious owner who maintains the bike after each...
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    Home brew 104bcd spider

    A fun back yard Macgyver machining project, but Looks like it weighs a ton. Couldn't have used thinner material? Earlysport
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    Product Review [Warning: blood e.t.c.] Considering a Bell Super 3R... think again

    Is this your new way of what was originally described as you going over the bars straight to your face? We all feel bad you crashed and got hurt, but I don't think you'll make any friends here by going legal. We all know the risks of riding on trails like Narra. The risk is often the thrill...
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    VIC Leatt GPX PRO Carbon neck Brace m/L

    Hi mate Do you still have this for sale? I'm keen to do a deal. Cheers.
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    Thredbo - all you need to know

    Has there been ANY new trail construction or work done for this season? Cheers Earlysport
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    NSW Sold

    Sold sold sold
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    NSW Sold

    This is a 26" fork. Cheers
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Raceface next SL Carbon Bars - 20mm rise, 685mm width. Location: Mosman or Kingsgrove Item Condition: New never mounted Reason for selling: Went with 710's Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: These are very light - measured at sub 150gms. Pictures: Cheers, Earlysport
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Fox Float 100 RLC. Quick release axle. 1-1/8 steerer 190mm long Location: Mosman or Kingsgrove NSW Item Condition: Excellent. No marks on staunchions. Lowers are almost mark free. Reason for selling: Was saving this lightweight fork for a trail bike build but it's not going to happen...
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    2015 Ellsworth Dare DH Carbon

    100% in agreement
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    gravity enduro.. liaison stages

    I think I'm a bit average in that I ride for fun. Not to get fit. I prefer going down, and I'm fit enough to get back to the top at a slow pace. I have never had any desire to XC race. I have a slight desire to race a DH, but then I prefer to have one bike and the risk associated with DH racing...
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    VIC Sold

    Sorted - Thanks Tas for being a stand up guy.
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    VIC Sold

    So we had an agreement for me to buy your frame for your original asking price of $350 and then you don't respond with the pick up details and put the price up to $450? Pretty poor form I'd say. A deal is a deal is it not?
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    please delete

    Txt msg sent. Will buy for asking price.