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  1. T-Rex

    NSW Bantry Bay trees cleared

    Did a sweep of the Bantry Bay tracks with my favourite gardening tool, cleared a lot of fallen trees south end of Possums and the fire road parallel to it. North end of Possums looked like someone else had tidied it up already. According to riders I met Serrata and Gahnia were clear, I didn’t go...
  2. T-Rex

    Tubeless repair - recommendations

    I’m looking for a Christmas present for Junior. He’s going to be racing EWS again next year, so I’m thinking about a plug kit with built in inflator, which seems to be the quick way of getting going again after putting a hole in a tyre. He has a plug kit and a separate inflator, I’m looking for...
  3. T-Rex

    Trees down on Vovo's Mt Narra. Now sorted.

    A couple of small trees got blown down on the weekend just after the creek crossing on Vovos at Mt Narra, I rode there yesterday (sunday) morning. I'm planning on heading up there at lunchtime today to clear them, please post here if anyone has already cleared them.
  4. T-Rex

    26" DJ fork - which one?

    Junior snapped the steerer tube on the forks on his DJ bike. I think the forks were originally off Caroline Buchanan's 4X bike from when she was about 15, so they had a long, hard life. Junior now reckons he needs a whole new bike, because "you cannot get 26 forks any more". A quick google...
  5. T-Rex

    NSW Shoes x 2 pair. Free. Now 3 pairs.

    Clearing out the shoe cupboard, found two pairs of serviceable shoes. Free to a good home, you pay postage if not picked up. Item: Shimano SPD XC, 510 Minnar DH. Both size 9 Location: North shore, Sydney Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Price and price conditions: Free...
  6. T-Rex

    NSW B3 Mt Narra running

    Junior and I took advantage of the crap weather yesterday to do some trail maintenance on Bernies III at Mt Narra, clearing fallen trees and pruning overhanging branches, so it should now be riding nicely. If you don’t know it, B3 is a 3 minute very technical decent, especially the last 100m or...
  7. T-Rex

    Strava accuracy

    I got all excited yesterday when I set a new PR down Luge at Stromlo, normally about a 3 minute segment for me, descending and lots of berms to rail for those who don’t know it, did a 2:43 according to Strava. I got even more excited when I checked riders I follow and saw I was only 1 second...
  8. T-Rex

    FOUND Found - Light Stromlo

    Found a light today lunchtime in the Stromlo car park. Possibly dropped yesterday at the Rocky Trail Superflow. If you are missing a light PM me a description, I'll let you know if it matches.
  9. T-Rex

    NSW Giant Trance 2014. NSW and ACT. Sold

    Item: Giant Trance 2014, medium frame Location: Sydney, North Side. But can deliver to Canberra late May as I will be down there for a couple of weeks. Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: too many bikes Price and price conditions: $1,500 Extra Info: Converted to 1x, 32T Blackspire NW...
  10. T-Rex

    LOST Exposure rear light on Twin Peaks loop at Garigal NP

    I've dropped my Exposure rear light (red) somewhere as I flailed around the Twin Peaks loop this morning, starting at the school car park. It's a great light for commuting, hoping someone has picked it up. Cheers.
  11. T-Rex

    NSW 26inch rim brake wheels

    My neighbor and wife's very close friend borrowed my wife's commuter and dropped it off the car rack at 100 kph, taco'ed both the wheels. Very embarrassed, but apparently because I'm a bike expert, it was Ok to return it stuffed. Big argument between me and wife ensued. Anyway, enough of...
  12. T-Rex

    NSW Maxxis Minion DHF Super Tacky UST tyres NEW - - SOLD

    More surplus stock being sold from the Shed at the House of Rex: Item: Maxxis Minion 26 x 2.5 DHF Super Tacky x 3 Location: North Shore, Sydney Item Condition: New Reason for selling: ... by now you know.... Price and price conditions: $25 each, plus postage. There's three (3)...
  13. T-Rex

    Road trip Sydney to Melbourne

    I’m putting together an itinerary for a road trip for some Kiwi friends, a father and son pair who are strong trail riders and very fit. They would fly into Sydney, then end up at relatives in Melbourne, taking roughly two weeks. Itinerary is: Fly into Sydney stay with us - Manly Dam (I’ll...
  14. T-Rex

    Downhill wheels- Mavic EX721 on Hope Pro 2. Complete wheelset. SOLD

    2 x complete spare wheelsets, including rotors, Minion ST USTs and 11-23 cassettes, built with DT Comp double butted spokes. No major dings, wheels have been trued and tensioned immediately prior to sale. Hope Pro II hubs 150 x 12 rear, 20mm front, have been well maintained. Tyres have...
  15. T-Rex

    NSW Fox 40 2013, including extras. SOLD

    Well maintained, serviced immediately prior to sale. Adjustable rebound, high speed compression, low speed compression, preload. Cosmetic scuff marks on the lowers (pictured), otherwise in excellent condition. 190mm steerer tube. If that's a problem for you I'll throw in a DM stem for...
  16. T-Rex

    NSW SOLD. 2008 Iron Horse Sunday Medium $770. Boxed, ship anywhere in Aus. Spares.

    So I had this sold on eBbay, boxed it up do ship it to Perth, and the guy who won the auction didn't pay...... So here we go again.... Here we have the ideal seller (from a buyer's point of view) if you are looking for a used downhill bike to get started in the sport.. Middle aged...
  17. T-Rex

    IH Sunday...... Really???

    The Shed at the House of Rex needs one of it's periodic clear-outs of bikes that don't get ridden enough, to make way for more bikes which are more likely to get ridden. After chickening out of riding the last NSW State DH round at Thredbo and marshaling instead, I decided that the mighty...
  18. T-Rex

    Elixer lever body on a Code caliper?

    I'm building up a bike out of the spare parts bin, and have found a Code approx 2013 model with a stuffed lever body, and a good Elixer complete. Have any of you 'Burners ever put an Elixer lever on a Code Caliper? I guess the main issue will be longer lever take up, assuming the Elixer...
  19. T-Rex

    Sunday spring rates for a light rider?

    I'm loaning out my old Sunday for Interschools in a few weeks, the rider is a beginner, 55kg without kit. It's got a Marz Roco and pre '09 Boxxers, the 32mm steel spring jobbies. The 300lb spring in the back is about right for me at 85KG, I've got a 250 and a 200 I could put in it. The...
  20. T-Rex

    DH track in the Galston / Hornsby area?

    Hi all, can anyone point me to a DH track in the Galston/Hornsby area, or a bit of technical XC that runs downhill? It doesn't need to be long or shuttlable. T-Rex Junior needs to do a little bit of testing this weekend , and will be up that way. PM me if location needs to be kept quiet...