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  1. Yet1

    Fox 36 Grip2 lower leg service

    Gday rotorburners, I have serviced many forks in the past (mostly lower leg services) and the time has come to strip and service my 2019 Grip2 Fox 36 fork. I see on the Fox website that instead of using the gold oil in both legs, you now need some special 5wt teflon infused oil in the Grip...
  2. Yet1

    My ultimate bike combo

    I have been riding mtb for many years and have at one point or another been a XC guy or a DH rider having gone through 'phases' of only riding the one discipline. But in the last probably 6 or so years I have been enjoying all forms of riding and hence have tried to have a 'do it all' bike - I...
  3. Yet1

    VIC Wanted - 142x12 axle

    Item wanted 142x12 axle (non boost). Needs to be a fine thread axle like the syntace x-12 Location: vic but happy to pay for postage Item Condition: new/used - as long as it works! Reason for buying: lost mine somehow.... Price and price conditions: you tell me Extra Info: have learnt a lot...
  4. Yet1

    Monarch Plus (RC3) service

    Hello, Given my shock is now about a year old, I thought I would do the basic air can service - new seals/bushings/oil etc. I have rebuilt Fox shocks in the past with no worries, never touched a rock shox one before. So I watched 'how to videos' and the guidance on the Sram website. Seemed to...
  5. Yet1

    WTB - Brake adapter thinggy

    Item: Brake adapter for 160mm rotor. Needs holes in the side as per photo. Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Seeing if anyone has one in their parts bin unused they would like to donate or sell to me cheap before I buy one from my LBS! Extra Info: Happy to pay postage
  6. Yet1

    Learn me about shocks

    Hello Rotorburners.. So Im looking at upgrading my RockShox Monarch Plus rear shock to a Monarch Plus RC3 so I can have the adjustability and have the lever to stiffen up the rear end for uphills. Obviously there is the eyelet to eyelet measurement that needs to be considered, but what is the...
  7. Yet1

    1990's Trek 'Ejector Seat' rebuild

    Thanks to Matt C for the bike as listed in the vintage mtb thread, I picked this up a couple weeks ago. The bike was in pretty good condition, with only flat tyres stopping me from riding it after I put it together! I can remember my brothers mate having one of these back in the early 90's and...
  8. Yet1

    XTR Bracket

    I managed to bend the 'bracket axle unit' (shimano code Y5XD98130) on my XTR deraillieur when a stick went into the derailieur riding yesterday (see red arrow on pic below). Not sure why the hanger didnt bend... thought that was its job! Seems as though they are hard to find from the usual...
  9. Yet1

    No suspension Charge Duster

    Thought I would put some knobbies on my commuter and see how it goes offroad (how it would have been in the 80's riding mtbs... no suspension!). Was a blast actually - you really had to pick your lines and move the bike around more than I would on my normal ride (SB66). So made for a very...
  10. Yet1

    VIC Wheel Truing Stand

    Hi Guys, Im chasing a wheel truing stand, preferably a Park Tools one. Item: Good wheel truing stand - Park TS-2.2 or similar, new/old/vintage Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on what's offered. A new Park TS-2.2 will cost me about $250 landed. Extra Info: If...
  11. Yet1

    Clipless shoes

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this, i had a quick look and didnt see anything... In the market for some new clipless shoes - previously had a pair of carnac shoes which I used for about 8 years before they died. I replaced them with Sidi Dominators which I never liked as much -...
  12. Yet1

    Yeti SB66c

    I have posted this in the all mountain section when I first got it, but thought Id put it in here now Ive had it for a little while. Just had its first wash yesterday and still looks as good as new. Frame - Yeti SB66c Medium Rear shock - Fox RP23 Front shock/fork - Fox 34 Float...
  13. Yet1

    1995 Carbon FS vs 2012 Carbon FS

    My first full suspension bike - a 1995 Trek Y22, which I bought when they first came out. Mix of XT and LX running gear, Rock Shox Judy forks and a fairly basic Fox air shock (about 2.5 inches of travel front/rear), canti brakes (about as effective as dragging your feet along the ground to try...