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  1. T-Rex

    ACT 2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 medium

    Yeah, cracked a rear rim on my Defy roadie, Giant gave me a complete new matching wheelset, front and rear.
  2. T-Rex

    NSW Bantry Bay trees cleared

    Have you had a look at Deep Creek? On the weekend the Trail Fairies whispered in my good ear (the one not deafened by the chainsaw) that it's still full of fallen trees and needs some work. LMK.
  3. T-Rex

    MTB trails for teaching 6 year old?

    Adding to the above suggestions, the first 2-3km of the Deep Creek trail at the bottom of Mt Narra, coming in from the lagoon end. I believe it's full of fallen trees ATM, but they will get cleared out in the next couple of weeks. For a little kid it will get progressively more challenging the...
  4. T-Rex

    Chain shifts down cassette when backpedalling

    Why is this even a problem? Unless she is trying to get her fakies dialled?
  5. T-Rex

    NSW Bantry Bay trees cleared

    The Bantry Bay tracks were in surprisingly good shape, only a few puddles. Manly Dam not so much, and a couple of people said it was still closed a week after the big downpour.
  6. T-Rex

    Thredbo - all you need to know

    Excited... should be good for Super Enduro next weekend
  7. T-Rex

    NSW Bantry Bay trees cleared

    Did a sweep of the Bantry Bay tracks with my favourite gardening tool, cleared a lot of fallen trees south end of Possums and the fire road parallel to it. North end of Possums looked like someone else had tidied it up already. According to riders I met Serrata and Gahnia were clear, I didn’t go...
  8. T-Rex

    Thredbo Super Enduro 2020

    Sorry about that....
  9. T-Rex

    Thredbo Super Enduro 2020

    I’ll be there. Wrenching for the DHaRCO folks. Come and say Hi.
  10. T-Rex

    Tubeless setup

    See if you can get your hands on a 9 litre water fire extinguisher. Places that service fire extinguishers often have decommissioned ones. Empty the water out, then pressurise to 100 psi using the inbuilt Schrader valve. Make up a bit of tube to adapt the nozzle down to fit over the valve...
  11. T-Rex

    Where to get bearings?

    DIYMTB Good luck getting bike pivot bearings from a regular bearing supplier like CBC
  12. T-Rex

    Home Brew

    Does anyone want some bottles? Two overflowing milk crates worth, see pic. I would probably keep a couple for sentimental reasons. North Shore Sydney, or could bring to Canberra in Feb. All Euro style tops ie not twisties
  13. T-Rex

    Sun ringle single track 26” tubeless

    You will need sealant from the get go, it won’t hold air with just the tube
  14. T-Rex

    Sun ringle single track 26” tubeless

    I think we did this before Youtube, totally experimental at the time. One thing to be aware of is that seating the tyre can be a bit tricky, as there is not a tight fit between the tyre bead and the rim, so you may not be able to inflate it with a pump. We used to use a 9 litre water fire...
  15. T-Rex

    Sun ringle single track 26” tubeless

    Waaaayyyyy back, before tubeless was a thing, we used to convert MTX into tubeless by slitting a 20" schrader tube around it's outside circumference, thereby making a combined rim tape and valve. Worked a treat.
  16. T-Rex

    Drivetrain noise - what to check first

    Best one I've heard was at the LBS where Junior used to work - noise turned out to be the bottle cage mounting bolts - 8 hours to track that one down.
  17. T-Rex

    Drivetrain noise - what to check first

    It’s a process of elimination to track down the noise. EG is it the same noise sitting vs standing? You might think the noise is coming from the cassette but it could be the seat post. Then try putting power down through only one pedal, then the other. It could be a pedal spindle. Chainring...
  18. T-Rex

    Wheel upgrade advice

    I had a closer look at it, I think @Oddjob guess is most likely, it's been landed sideways, as three spoke nipples in sequence on the same side of the hub pulled through the rim. Nothing to do with spoke tension or nipples coming loose.
  19. T-Rex

    120-140mm forks for 26" wheel, straight 1 1/8" steerer, quick release axel

    There's a pair of Fusions here you can have for free that are about to go in the bin. You would probably need to lengthen the steerer tube however, it's only got 140mm usable.
  20. T-Rex

    Thredbo - all you need to know

    That photo is about 1k before the trout hatchery. You are correct about the lower section being inaccessible, the only way in and out is by the trail. Regarding your proposed mega ride, assuming you went down the AM trail from the top of the main chairlift, then continued on from the Jindabyne...