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    Kowalski Classic 25KM Plus accomodation - 18th September 2016

    Hi All, I cant make it now to this event on the 18/9/16, Entry can be transferred to another rider, if done before this Monday 5th September the race plate will have your name on it. I spoke to the organizers and if its transferred after Monday it will have my name on it as the plates go off...
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    Trails in or around the Blue Mountains

    Hi All, I'm new to the area and have previously ridden tracks around Royal National Part, Mt Annan, Wylde etc. I ride XC. Surely around here there has to be some good riding to be had, I regularly ride Yellomundee as part of the WSMTB club races and have ridden the Oaks and Andersons trail...
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    Kentlyn Ride this Saturday 19/3.... Any takers???

    Hey guys, Just recently took up MTB'ing after spending most of my time road riding and have only been out to Mt Annan a couple of times. Looking to head out to Kentlyn tomorrow (or surrounding areas, up for any suggestions) and if anyone with knowledge of these areas would like to come out...
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    Social Mountain Biking Clubs in or around Sydney

    Hi Everyone, I have wasted many a work hour searching the net looking for a social style MTB club around Sydney. I live in the Sth Western part of Sydney and dont mind travelling to a club but there just doesn't seem to be any around. Northern Beaches (Nobmob) seemed to have a great one...
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    STOLEN NSW Eastern Suburbs SYD 2 x Gary Fisher dual susp MTB's

    Bike: 2 x Gary Fisher Fat Possum Dual Suspension MTB'S Colour: 1 x Vivid Red, 1 x Orange Date it was stolen: Sometime between 24/1/11 and 31/01/11 Where it was stolen: Rushcutters Bay, Eastern Sub's Sydney Specs: Other Discriptions: Pictures: Hi Everyone, I'm posting this on...