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  1. downhiller96

    Reverb gone 'stiff'

    So recently my reverb (10 months old) suddenly slowed right down when going up and down, then today whilst riding the lever went completely stiff and will not move.. Has this happened to anyone? Anyone know how to fix it? Cheers
  2. downhiller96

    Reverb oil, is there a substitute?

    So I've been having trouble with my reverb dropper and have had to bleed it several times, and have run out of reverb oil. I was wondering if anyone uses any other oil instead of the proper reverb oil? Or does anyone know what type of oil the proper reverb oil is? Cheers
  3. downhiller96

    AM 2015 Reign Advanced 1 with upgrades

    Went out and bought myself some treats for the reign, putting a HOPE 34t single ring up front, 40t Absolute Black expander cog on the rear, Guide RS brakes, Boobars, Renthal grips, G3 Chain guide and SRAM chain and cassette. Really happy with how it's running now and don't plan on doing many...
  4. downhiller96

    Racing season is finished any more....

    I had an absolute blast racing the Vic enduro series this year and the race at Buller to finish the season just topped my racing season off. But the problem is, im hungry for more.... Are there any enduro races, shuttle days or anything happening in the off season (from now on woulds)? I would...
  5. downhiller96

    VIC sold

    Item:2013 Orbea Alma Large 29" Location: Melbourne can post anywhere for $100 Item Condition: basically new Reason for selling:Dads downgrading so I can upgrade :D (#1 dad) Price and price conditions: $1500 Extra Info:Very clean, well maintained 29".Brought from the Orbea race team...
  6. downhiller96

    VIC Sold

    Item: 2013 BH Lynx size large Location: Melbourne VIC though i can ship if needed Item Condition: few little scratches from General use-no cracks or dents Reason for selling: trying this 27.5 thing:noidea: Price and price conditions: $2700 ONO -dropped to $2500 Extra Info: Great bike...
  7. downhiller96

    VIC sold thanks

  8. downhiller96

    AM 2013 BH (Bloody Hot) Lynx !

    Hey dudes, So I had a lapierre zesty 314 (medium), and I've just ticked over 6ft so you could say I was a giant when I rode it! So I eventually got a new bike as I needed that large frame! I got a 2013 BH Lynx off gumtree for a crazy price. I wanted to keep most of the spec from the lapierre...
  9. downhiller96

    NewZealand road trip

    Hey guys me and some other buddy's are heading to NewZealand on 'Enduro Road trip'. We are flying to Christchurch then driving to Queenstown to do some riding at the Skyline bike park. Our end destination will be Rotorua bike park and then drive back to Christchurch. I have a few questions and...
  10. downhiller96

    VDHS RD1 You Yangs Sunday

    few more i got while marshalling on Sunday...enjoy
  11. downhiller96

    2014 You Yangs VDHS rd 1 Friday Practice

    Just some flicks i got whilst marshalling today at You Yangs, sorry if i cut you head off or you got a blurry out of focus pic! haha cheers and good luck to all those racing!
  12. downhiller96

    please delete

    pulled from sale
  13. downhiller96

    VIC no longer forsake please delete

    Item: 2012 Lapierre Zesty 314 medium Location: Melbourne vic Item Condition:very good, little bit of cable rub Reason for selling: To small:Cry::Cry: Price and price conditions: $800 Extra Info: only had the bike for a month or so and hasn't done a lot of work at all so still in pretty good...
  14. downhiller96

    VIC Sold!

    SOOOLD! cheers
  15. downhiller96

    2014 VDHS State Champs Mt Beauty

    first,I'm no pro, just using a mates camera it was a great weekend up at mt beauty, perfect weather which made for a great atmosphere. I was there the whole weekend so hopefully got a flick or two of everyone! enjoy oh and yes i did forget to turn the date stamp off sorry:behindsofa...
  16. downhiller96

    200mm avid rotor. ASAP

    Need an avid rotor. If you have a 200mm one I want it!! Located in Vic. Help me out please
  17. downhiller96

    Spotted: norco aurum 80% sure it's stolen

    This was posted on Facebook today and we all think it is stolen. He says he wants $5000 for it. I offered him 1100 for it and he said no he will do $2000. 5 minutes latter he told me he will do $1500 then 5 minutes after that he said he will do $1100. I tool him the bike is not worth 7 grand. He...
  18. downhiller96

    VIC sold

  19. downhiller96

    VIC Sold

    [Item: 2012 Apollo Team Never seen dirt. A few rides only! Location: melb vic can post at your cost Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: upgrading Price and price conditions: $2000 will ship Extra Info: bike is in very good condition but still has some scratches but thats...
  20. downhiller96

    AM/XC: What is the best chain to run?

    hi guys i have had abit of trouble with chains on my bikes…i have recently broken one, twice in 2 days and is now to short so i need a new one! i am riding more the AM/ enduro and was wondering what the best chain to ride is? But i don't want to spend hundreds thanks for any feedback...