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    NSW 2007 Giant Glory *price drop* sold pending sale

    Item: 2007 Giant Glory, medium frame. Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Excellent. Cosmetic wear and tear scratches only. See pictures, if you want more detail in a particular area just ask and i'll chuck more photos up. Reason for selling: Haven't used it for months, motorbike needs...
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    SOLD Giant AC2

    Item: 2004 Giant AC2, Medium (5.3" and 6.6" travel) Location: Wollongong, will post at buyers expense Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: New bike Price and price conditions: SOLD!!! Extra Info: Frame: Medium 2004 Giant AC2 Forks: 2004 Boxxer Races - 7" travel (Completely rebuilt...
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    Fox 40 Purple spring

    Item: Fox 40 Purple spring (to suit '07 Fox 40 RC2) Location: Wollongong Price range/Willing to Pay: Will swap for my green spring, or $40 or so? Extra Info: I'd prefer a straight swap, as said I currently have a green spring but it is too hard. Shoot me a pm.
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    06 Boxxers or similar *FOUND* please delete

    Item: 2006 Boxxer race/team or similar Location: I'm in Wollongong but willing to have posted from anywhere Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $500 Extra Info: Looking for my mate, they are for a Da Bomb Moab Bomb. He wants 06 Races but will consider travis/888/anything else decent within...
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    What year are these Boxxers? (rebound/compression damper pics)

    Hi, just pulled these Boxxers apart, and what I'm seeing compared to the service manual doesn't add up. (looking at the 1999-2001 and 2003-2004 service guides, they seem to skip 2002 on the sram website) What oil should I fill these with? Ive seen 10/20w, 10/15w, 5/10w etc, all sorts of...
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    2004 Craftworks FRM125, cracked SOLD

    Item description: 2004 Craftworks FRM125, 18”, cracked Condition: small cracks in lower swing arm and main frame, otherwise good Location: Wollongong (2500), Orange (2800) or possibly somewhere between Reason for selling: Selling for a mate, he figures it’s not worth fixing Price and...
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    8" Hayes 9 adapter for 02/03 Boxxer

    While waiting for my Boxxer's to arrive, I need to find an adapter for my brakes (Hayes 9), so a quick look on T7 reveals: It states Hayes adapter for Boxxer's, but i'm not sure if older Boxxers have the same tabs? Also TBSM adapter...
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    SOLD Mavic D3.1 tubeless front wheel, 20mm sealed bearing, DT

    Item description: Front wheel, formula? 20mm sealed bearing hub (6-bolt disc) onto Mavic D3.1 tubeless rim with DT alpine 3 spokes, 32 hole Condition: Very good, true with no dents or flat spots, hub spins well Location: Wollongong (2500), Orange (2800) or possibly somewhere between Reason...
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    Sun RhynoLite Wheelset, 20mm front, XT rear *PRICE DROP* *SOLD*

    Item description: Sun rhyno lite rims with formula? 20mm sealed bearing front hub (6-bolt disc) and Shimano XT rear hub (6-bolt disc,) Condition: Very good Location: Wollongong (2500), Orange (2800) or possibly somewhere between Reason for selling: sitting in the shed not getting used Price...
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    2007 Manitou Minute Super SPV 140mm SOLD

    Item description: 2007 Manitou Minute Super SPV, 140mm travel Condition: Very good Location: Wollongong (2500), Orange (2800) or possibly somewhere between Reason for selling: Selling for a mate, they don’t suit the Craftworks frame he bought Price and Conditions: $450 + post, NOW $400 +...
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    Norco Sasquatch or similar

    What: Freeride hardtail, norco sasquatch or similar Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $700 Location: We're in Wollongong, local would be good but will consider postage from almost anywhere Extra Info: Just after a bike for my house mate to start out on, he likes my '05 sasquatch but we'll...
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    Marzocchi QR20+ bolts!

    Hey, im after two new bolts for my drop-off's, as one of the round nut's has a big crack in it, and I just stripped the thread on the other one! (over tightening, whoops). Can't find any info on where to source these parts on the net. Price range: its two bolts... less than $20? Location: look...