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    Frenzy Mystery Trail Builder.

    Someone has been doing their own handy work at Frenzy, posted a thred up in general Discussion about it.... Anybody have any info on who is doing it, council arent pumped on the...
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    Mackenzie frenzy DH - Toowoomba, Mystery trail builder?

    So someone has been sneaking in some of their own handy work at Frenzy, a few mods on the bottom section have been popping up, but its time someone says something, and hopefully if the guilty person does'nt read this themselves then word will spread to them. Someone must know whos doing it...
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    Jared Graves- Yeti R-DH 2009 medium SOLD

    Jared graves - Yeti R-DH 2009 Medium Item: Yeti R-DH 2009 Medium Location: Toowoomba, Qld Item Condition: Near new, Some brand new parts, Brand new Fox 40's Reason for selling: No longer need, I have new bikes. That is already cheap as hell! Price and price conditions: $5000 FIRM - Take it...
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    Inspirational songs to help Jared Graves, win stuff!

    So at the BMX world cups all riders get to choose a song which plays during their time trial laps. Im struggling to come up with something rad of my own. To this point its been, "Seperation of church and Skate" by NOFX (to give you an idea of what im into, but I have also been getting pumped by...
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    Flaggon Track Changes

    If you ride flaggon at all please read thouroughly! In conjunction with Mr Plows thread on dont stuff with tracks, which I 100% aggree with, I thought I would write a specific thread on this subject on Flaggon. To start things off, I have just been out to Flaggon for the past 6 hours by...
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    Captain Farkins Wedding Telegrams!

    Ok guys, as all of you should know, at the end of a speech the best man reads out the telegrams from the people that couldnt make it to the wedding but wanted to say something anyway, some of them are serious, but most...well...are not so serious. so in a effort to make my job a little...
  7. J

    Jareds garage sale!

    hey guys, its almost that time of year again for me to get rid of all the spares and random things i no longer want or need, so as a date so far im thinking SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH!! also doubling up as a bit of a get together for all, come by have a chat say hello and meet some new people, ALL...
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    Armidale 4x

    Havn't yet seen any info on what the race shedule is this weekend, when does practice start, racing start ect ect..... is it all the same as last time? some help here would be good thanks
  9. J

    Flaggon have a read, if whoever did this is reading, take notice
  10. J

    Flaggon, Toowoomba

    Ive done this once before and now its even more annoying to do this again, slightly different problem this time though, so anyways, just got back from runs at Flaggon and once again someone/s has taken it upon themselves to make their own mods to this trail, only this time the stupid-o-meter is...
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    Flaggon, Toowoomba

    So my day begins going out for some dh runs, when arriving at flaggon i get going on my 1st run, and what do i find down most of the track....some dimwit has gone and smoothed out everything i dug in to MAKE IT ROUGH!!!! Theres more than a good chance whoever did this will read this, so just...
  12. J

    Boxxer lowers

    looking for boxxer lowers, not twisted
  13. J

    we got farkin RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gimme my shovel im off digging, HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
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    2003 worlds team announced

    The 2003 Australian World Championships Team has been announced for the titles to be held in Lugano Switzerland next month, Farkin would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to the following riders Elite men DH Nathan Rennie Chris Kovaric Mick Hannah Jared Rando Joel Panozzo...
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    Chompy (toowoomba)

    Just a quick one here to tell evryone out there that knows about chompy to PLEASE not ride it until weve had some rain, people riding it when its like talcum powder like now is totally chewing it up and wrecking all the berms and gaps i busted my ass to build, especially since evryone just rolls...
  16. J

    madcatz/ironhorse bikes

    I can honestly say that i am exteemly happy with the bikes, the geometry is awesome, they feel awesome to ride, and i know alot of people would be surprised at how awesome they look, especiallt the hollowpoint 4x bikes, they are absolutly off their heads, absolutly perfect 4x bike :P
  17. J

    Hey Canada crew

    Do any of you guys know Jordie Lunn? If you do say g'day for me, he's a fuckin crack up!
  18. J

    Orange 222

    Orange 222, Dorados, race face cranks, mrp, sram xo, protapers, fox shock, hope brakes, sun wheels. Kinda got a buyer lined up but that could easily fall through. $4700 spare rear wheel, madcatz-orange jersey, sticker kit for swingarm, spare fork guards
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    Team Website

    No I'm not plugging anoter forum website, just the team Ironhorse Madcatz website that is now up. Come have a look at It'll have regualar updates on things to do with the team to keep everyone informed. As well as me doin the race reports for the guys here for Norba's and...