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    Starting DH

    Hey guys, I'm considering starting DH within the next six months and I was wondering as to what sort of bike would be best..considering I'd only just be starting out?? As for price range I suppose I'd be looking for around $1500 - $2000. Any tips greatly appreciated.
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    Airing out on quarter pipes

    Hey guys, you probably get this all the time but I was looking for some tips on airing out on quarter pipes. The one I've built in my backyard is about 7ft but no matter how fast I go or hard I pump, my back wheel never seems to be able to hit the coping so I cant really get air over the coping...
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    Wheel Set for Dirt Jumping

    Hey guys, im pretty new to riding a dirt jumper, not really new to bikes as ive just come from my bmx to riding my dj. I was wondering..what would be a decent wheel set to have? Thanks