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    Printing solar moves forward

    So by no means is it new, however the technology has taken a step forward. I think anything that makes solar cheaper and easier is going to be a big jump, sure this type of solar does not carry the same effiecieny as panels but as with these things, many little uses tends to make a big impact...
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    WC round 7 Meribel, FRA

    I know we are 2 weeks out but, with footage appearing of the track already I think it was a good time to get this up early. Here is the track preview
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    First road bike advice.

    Hey forum. I have a mate who is looking at buying a road bike for commuting. He enjoys slower cadence grinding rather than the higher cadence riding. This is the bike he is looking at. His concern is the quality of the bike over all, he has tested bikes and they have started to...
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    No need for thread anymore
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    delete - old
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    aktiv Suspension

    The original article is on pinkbike here. I think its interesting, They are using a regressive curve. Personally I think its very early to pass judgement on the shock, I do however think its a interesting point...
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    Promising ACL treatment

    Given ACL injuries are a fairly common injury and while not new to the world of science it is something that I think may be new to most of us here. The research was done under the direction of Martha M. Murray, MD, and Braden C. Fleming, PhD The Jist ACL injuries are hard to repair and repair...
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    Live streaming sport

    I want to live stream the f1 season this year, channel 10 makes me want to just punch people they have so many tv ads I spend half the night yelling at the tv and been angry rather than enjoying my racing. Preferably a free stream would be ideal but I am happy to pay if its reasonable...
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    delete sold

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    business- Selling a design.

    How does one go about selling a design or product. I have two concepts that are just that concepts at this moment, I can potentially mock up some prototype looking items but they would be done with random bits and pieces and other products not actually entirely designed on my own (although the...
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    Nissans 40kg 400hp engine for Le mans 40kg 400hp output More power to weight than f1 engine.
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    Beards increase performance

    This is a pretty good laugh, I'm more than happy to go along with the unproven broscience been so well written here in this satire article.
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    Food/Diet delete/sold

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    *update* Code showing advanced search.

    Information in is my last reply. #7
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    no longer necessary
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    Buying first bike - getting you started

    Ok guys so I figured lets start a thread where we can have this information in one spot, we seem to have so many of these "first bike" help threads popping up, Most of the information seems to be exactly the same. Its late so I'm not going to write anything now and i also have limited knowledge...
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    Gym,lifters and plate Dilemma

    Ladies and gents. After looking around at weight plates I have come to two conclusions. 1.they are expensive 2.They like to be different Number one is not a concern albeit I'd like to pay as little as possible but issue 2 is a massive pita. If been trying to find 20kg standard plates...