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    POS Custom E-Board Tracker

    Frame specs please, HA, WB, wheel dia. Etc
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    POS Custom E-Board Tracker

    In a perfect world I'd have this, but I don't have hundreds of thousands of moneys. So an E-pushy version will do for now.
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    POS Custom E-Board Tracker

    This is awesome to the power of max!!! I'm in the process of designing a frame just like this to build. I think I'm about to do my license for a year so need wheels to get to work.. BTR's are an amazing shaped frame, I'll be using a 1500w hub though. With the BB so far forward, is it...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I'm not worried, I have bullets so can get the supplies I need when the Apocalypse comes haha
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    DH New bike build

    Nope, the front triangle is done. I had been riding the 1st one flat out which has now been parked. I crack led a weld on the swinger and bent one of the arms. Work has been flat out and design time is hard to come by with a young family. I need to get it done though.
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    Haha, yeah got a stubby holder. The nurse and doc .. Hello ladies... Were joking that I should have a snip party, BBQ with meat balls bahaha .. My wife is a nurse so not lots of sympathy but more than normal at least.
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    Pm sent Moshboy
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    You need some support.. Boxers don't offer any.
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    Yeah was written in the instructions, no boxers..
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    Ha, I was at Dr. Snip this morning moshboy. 9:00 start and in the car heading out at 9:27 .. All good, had 2 chicks playing with my bits for 15 minutes and making jokes about dicks and balls. Bahaha .. Needle prick at the start them nothing.. A bit of an ache now Lying in bed but its fine...
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Its a massive push by parks to lock people out. The Grampians are pretty much closed to rock climbing now with so many lies from parks, its only a matter of time before they come for the rest of us. The climbers, prospectors, dirtbikes, shooters, horse riders, even campers are losing ground. All...
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    Ignition MTB festival who's going

    I'll be at falls with a big crew, we will have hangovers but are hard enough to ride anyway..
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    No man, all good now thanks.
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    26 rear / 27.5 front - rad or bogus?

    Do it, some of the older crew would have run 26" fronts and 24" rear back in the day
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    Home brew 104bcd spider

    Without looking at the links, I like this idea.. Its rough but will get the job done. Grind a square onto the cutting tool you have and bamm, straight into the extension.. You should measure and scribe the post to the dimension you want to remove so you have a guide. That will be angry when...
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    Home brew 104bcd spider

    Trefolex is a poison, please throw it away
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    █▬█ acks

    Good job on the print, here's one I did a while ago. Printers are rad. Don't know if I'd call it a "hack" though as its a part made from scratch.
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    Sunday afternoon metalwork challenge - will XD fit inside microspline?

    Missed this, I haven't been around for a while... Anything will fit anything else its just how much do you want to spend to make it work? Looking at just the pics, yes I could make an adaptor but he cost would be too high and the xd would have to be modified so becomes none std ..
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    Handmade Bicycle Show Australia

    I was up at buller for the closing weekend and heard about it while riding my homemade bike haha.. I would have gone if if know about it.. Do you have to one of the kool kids to know about it?
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    DH New bike build

    Fab time is free and materials at cost or free :)