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  1. hathill

    The stupid questions thread.

    It's excellent as masking tape, especially on glass.
  2. hathill

    SLX 7000 Brake Making a Howling Noise

    And then they de-laminated and you died. The end.
  3. hathill

    Wiggle pays penalty for misleading consumers about their rights

    To get a domain, you must have an ABN.....
  4. hathill

    What are my options besides commencal?

    15kwh/kg for aluminuim.....
  5. hathill

    Problems with a brake bleed

    Why not?
  6. hathill

    Problems with a brake bleed

    Buggered if I know why the procedure for bleeding these is from the caliper up. I always do mine from the lever down, why push all the nasty black crap back into your realtively clean brake lever internals? Especially if the bleed nipple has lost its rubber cap and is full of crud. You wouldn't...
  7. hathill

    Mills and Lathes

    Myford ML7 Restoration - Worth a watch on a rainy day.....Also does a nice job on a drill press.
  8. hathill

    Maxxis - is this normal?

    +1 for this.
  9. hathill

    Brake pad / rotor question

    Slightly applicable to MTB, not sure how stainless compares to cast iron rotors though..... " How friction materials work The brakes convert kinetic energy of a moving...
  10. hathill

    The pet thread, post em up!

    Laser Cat.
  11. hathill

    Blue Mountains "turgid" Riders Thread 10

    Todd is still kickin'! He raced at 'mundee with us on Sunday.....Maybe i'll remind him to check out this thread :cool:
  12. hathill

    Increasing travel on an Intense spider 29
  13. hathill

    Blue Mountains "turgid" Riders Thread 10

    Grave dig just for you Todd!
  14. hathill

    Specialized rear shock "Brain" rebuild with pictures & now forks too

    Your secret coconut water damping fluid recipe is out.....
  15. hathill

    Blend 17 Vegemite

    I like Vegemite but this is hilarious.
  16. hathill

    Is my 2 year old compressor ready for the tip?

    That's why I asked.... Where was it going? Are we talking copious amounts or just a few drops? From the sound of the amount of use this thing had, i would be very surprised if it needed any oil - there must have been something wrong with it from the get go. My ancient belt drive Ingersoll...
  17. hathill

    Your next bike for those hot summer days...

    Just like stand up paddleboarding All the inconvenience of going to the beach with none of the actual getting wet and cooling off part. Why are they wearing wet-suits in the pictures, UV protection?
  18. hathill

    Is my 2 year old compressor ready for the tip?

    Why where you needing to top up oil? Why were you topping up the oil? Where was it going? Are we talking copious amounts or just a few drops?
  19. hathill

    Collapsed Hub Bearing Removal

    Use the percussive technique below. Is the bearing flush with the outside flange or recessed deeper into it? If the latter, maybe try a couple of sharp raps onto a soft-ish block of wood to see if it will move and give you access to the back of the shell you can then tap out with an...
  20. hathill

    What does your day look like?

    Day Length 10char 10char