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  1. dh 4life

    del rio 13/11/11

    hey guy just a couple of photos from today sorry if there isnt one you
  2. dh 4life

    del rio

    new del rio track enjoy
  3. dh 4life

    ourimbah helmet cam enjoy
  4. dh 4life

    2011 yeti team

    Current World Cup 4x Overall Champion, Jared Graves will anchor the World Cup team and will be joined by rising star and fellow Aussie downhiller Shaun O’Connor. The national team is deep in talent and will feature two current national champions - Ross Milan (4x) and Mike West (Super D) and a...
  5. dh 4life

    Ourimbah Round 6

    Here the vid i put together from sunday first time filming and editing, i know the quality is pritty bad i just can't get it out of premiere 8.0 in HD. Heres the clip if you got any tip on how to make future video's better just tell me cause it is my first...
  6. dh 4life

    Awaba 26/9/10

    Here are the picture i took of the clubby today not very many high speed shots as the picture gets blurry. Sorry if i didn't get you as well. thanks here another link to photos of the RG...
  7. dh 4life

    CCOMTB Round 4

    Heres some pictures sorry if there isn't one of you my brother was taking pictures. He's a little hot and cold when taking photos. Here the link i don't know if it will work first time using flickr enjoy
  8. dh 4life

    specalized demo 08 Chain Guides??

    I have a problem i don't know if the style is LSCG 05 or LSCG old as i need a new chain guide any help would be great thanks mitch
  9. dh 4life

    Schladming World Cup Out, Leogang World Cup In!

    I was looking through pink bike and saw no more Schladming. Really disappointing. read more here
  10. dh 4life

    rims and hubs

    Okay so I need new rims and i think i have found the pair for me. But i just want to make sure that they are high quality rims. I also need some help wth front and back hubs not to sure about what is good or not. Rim i am thinking about it the Mavic EX823 My price range for the hubs and...
  11. dh 4life

    Scott Voltage v Giant STP

    So I'm choosing a new and i have narrowed it down to a possible two bike (this is what my local bike shops have in store). I just would like your views on both bikes. Like pros and cons about them? Okay so we have: Scott Voltage yz Ltd or Giant STP 0 thanks for your help :)
  12. dh 4life

    Leatt replacement parts

    I just need to know where can i get a replacement parts for my GPX sport. I crashed on the weekend and cracked the back of my upper carbon fribre part curling up. Can i just get it from a local leatt dealer? cheers
  13. dh 4life

    chain guides

    Hey. I' going to be getting a chain guard for my 2008 scott yz.0 and i was wonding will any chain guade fit on my bike or do i have to get a certain guard? Thank for your input.
  14. dh 4life

    Buidling a Bike

    I was on the internet today seaching around looking for parts as I might be building up a bike and i would just like to know. Will different product types fit together e.g Funn cranks, fsa bb and a e13 chain guide all fit together sweet. If not i will have to change my original part to make sure...
  15. dh 4life

    Building a bike

    wrong thread:(
  16. dh 4life

    Getting a new bike

    I was just wondering what bike would you get? Take in mind that I want this bike to last for 4 or more years. So it needs to be able to last the time.:D
  17. dh 4life

    Seal Problem with RockShox

    I'm quiet new in the sport and i was wondering does any one else have problems with the seals in the RockShox fork. Cause i have blew 3 seals (2 on old boxxer races) and one today on a fairy new pair of Domains.:confused: Does any one else have the same problem?