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  1. fallboy

    Stanchion for 08/09 Boxxer team

    Wanted stanchion for 08/09 boxxer team. I cant even find a new one anywhere. If you have one pm me. If you know where I can buy one link me up!
  2. fallboy

    Recommend me some lights

    I want some lights for some pending winter after work trail rides. I have searched the usual suspects but am still unsure about what is ideal. What I really want is what anyone would want in a light- Lighter than air, perpetual battery, brighter than the sun and indestructible. More...
  3. fallboy

    Peoples motivation to perform at work

    Having had some major life changes lately I have been considering my own motivations for work. I am interested to know how many people are aware of their motivations at work. Do you strive to perform in your occupation/business? What factors motivate you to perform? Money? Lifestyle...
  4. fallboy

    Fatality in the news

    Anyone know anything about this?,23739,22987268-3102,00.html "A MAN who turned 18 yesterday has died after falling off his mountain bike in a high-speed crash. The man was riding down Gehrke Hill Road at Summerholm, about 85km west of Brisbane, at...
  5. fallboy

    Wanted small cheap frame

    Very small cheap frame wanted for my girlfriend. Must be 13.5" or smaller as she is only about 5'. Can be a hardtail or a short travel dually. Must have disc tabs and derailer hanger. Must be aluminium. XC, 4x or DJ frame may be suitable. Willing to spend up to $200 for a hardtail more...
  6. fallboy

    SOLD 2005 Ironhorse Sunday- Cheap Now with Pics

    [b]Item: [/b] 2005 Ironhorse Sunday Team, Grey [b]Location:[/b] Brisbane, will send interstate at buyers expense. [b]Item Condition:[/b] The bike functions fine but the paint is badly scratched. [b]Reason for selling:[/b]New rig [b]Price and price conditions:[/b]$1980 [b]Extra Info:[/b] Frame...
  7. fallboy

    Cairns sat26th anyone shuttling

    I will be in Cairns for this day only. Saturday 26th August. I would love to do a few DH runs. If anyone is keen let me know 0410628440 or pm me.
  8. fallboy

    Bad press

    This story was in todays Brisbane courier mail. It will give the do-gooders a further excuse to push bicycles from shared areas. The rider must have been pinning it. Pedestrian dies after bicycle hit July 12, 2006 This article from : AAP A PEDESTRIAN struck by a bicycle in...
  9. fallboy

    Mackay Downhill

    I am going to Mackay for work next weekend 16th-18th. I only have to do a small job on Saturday morning and was hoping to find someone to shuttle with so I can bring my bike and do some runs. I will pay for shuttles and can return the favour in Brisbane some time.
  10. fallboy

    Mackay Downhill

    Are there any DH trails in Mackay? I have to go there for work one weekend soon. I am going there from the 16th to the 18th of June
  11. fallboy

    Norco Team Dh Frame Small, Shock, Hadley Hub now with pics price drop

    Price drop Norco Team DH Frame Small- awesome condition Red in colour, like a fire engine........... 6.2-7.9 inches of rear travel Comes with Fox vanilla rear shock, bolt through Hadley rear Hub. Brisbane area Will post Aust wide at buyers expense. $1000 PM me or...
  12. fallboy

    SOLD Hayes hfx 9 hydro disks complete set

    [b]Item:[/b] Hayes Hfx9 complete set including levers, hoses, calipers, rotors [b]Location:[/b] Brisbane, Northside [b]Item Condition:[/b] Very good [b]Reason for selling:[/b] Who needs three sets of brakes???? [b]Price and price conditions:[/b] $220 buyer pays postage if applicable [b]Extra...
  13. fallboy

    Marzocchi 888rs

    I have a set of Marzocchi 888rs 2004 and need a new rebound cartridge. I am doing it myself as there does not seem to be a lot in it. Does anyone know where I can buy parts at the right price? Does anyone have any set up tips ie oil weight and quantity? I am 83kgs.
  14. fallboy


    [b]Item: [/b] 2004 Kona Stinky [b]Location:[/b] Brisbane will post [b]Item Condition:[/b] Used, some scratches but good working order [b]Reason for selling:[/b] Yeti DH9 [b]Price and price conditions:[/b] $1450 ono buyer pays postage [b]Pictures:[/b] Mostly original condition, comes with...
  15. fallboy

    Dissappearing Thread

    We had a thread in The watering hole from Queensland that has vanished. We had it there to organise rides/drinking/whatever. Was there some kind of problem with it?
  16. fallboy

    Mega Brisbane Urban Thursday November 25

    City hall 630pm for 7. Massive blazing in the city lights from spring hill to southbank and beyond. 6 starters confirmed including freeriders and trials bunnies. Lets get the big numbers guys and run amok......