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    2007 NSW State Champs Track Video

    This track is still work in progress(not finished yet) Please Note this track is only open for riding the 3rd,4th and 5th of August
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    Thredbo Accommodation Help

    Going to Thredbo on 14-15 Jan where is the best place to stay on a budget?
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    Accommodation NSW State DH 5 Hunter 9-10/7/05

    Where's the best places to stay for the NSW state round 5? names of places and/or phone numbers. Never been there and in middle of school holidays. :eek:
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    Club Race Dates

    Just checked the club race dates on the web for WSMTBC -Dargle, CCMTB - Ourimbah, HMBA - Killingsworth. 22-5-05 WSMTBC,CCMTB, HMBA 24-7-05 WSMTBC, CCMTB, HMBA 28-8-05 WSMTBC, CCMTB, HMBA 25-9-05 WSMTBC, CCMTB, HMBA 23-10-05 WSMTBC, CCMTB, HMBA 20-11-05 WSMTBC, CCMTB, HMBA My point i would...
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    Wollongong/Nowra Track

    Heard around the traps Nowra has a DH Track where is it what are the access days/times :confused: